Perpetual State of Infancy (dream theory)

By Fernando Romero Fernando, graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 and studied Creative Writing and Journalism. He is a co-founding member of Dreamers Adrift and co-founding member of the AB 540 group FUEL @ CSULB. He is also the Coordinator for the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California, which is an […]

The Overwhelming Burden of Consciousness

As dreamers, as activists, but mostly as human beings we have to be able to sit comfortably with the pain of the world. We have to overcome our own pain and overwhelm ourselves with the pain of the world, so much so that it becomes heavy. Heavy with meaning at the very least.

Undocumented and Driving In Georgia

By MartA�n Ia��m MartA�n. Ia��m undocumented. I drive. No license. Leta��s Rock Na�� Roll! Driving has always been a euphoric and perverted sick fantasy of mine ever since the first time I laid eyes on the majestic modern marvel this is a Car. I came to America in 1995 with my mother, posing as a […]

Education is our passport

By Ish H “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” -Malcolm X The DREAM Act, first proposed in 2001, stands for A�Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. Being undocumented is a struggle that we all have to deal with each and every single […]

Arrested Development

Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog Back in 2004, near the beginning of the second season of the best show ever on television order depakote, order clomid. , there was a plot involving the hiring of a bounty hunter to seek out the escaped father of the main characters. The show is renowned for extremely clever and […]

The 7 annoying types of undocumented people and the politics of being undocumented

Being undocumented means being a lot of things. And this list really does not encompass them all, good and bad. Many are acknowledged already but these, I hope, offer new perspectives on old digs. Now, I am not about bashing others to feel better about myself. I know the details of these categories because I […]

Lost Student

By Anonymous When I came to this land I didn’t know I was breaking a law. When I was a four year-old I got rejected from preschool because I had no ssn. When I was five I didn’t know mi mami y papi where rompiendose el lomo por mi y mi hermano. I soon started […]

Esperanza y luz (poetry)

By Sandy Flores Soy solamente una soñadora buscando una oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.En el camino he encontrado piedras; piedras grandes que amenazan mi sendero truncar Pero no me venceré, no perderé la ESPERANZA, moveré esas piedras y obtendré la oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.Soy […]

Untitled (poetry)

By Erick Huerta Erick Huerta Born on a Monday, Became undocumented on Tuesday, Graduated from high school and enrolled in college on Wednesday, Matured into an activist on Thursday, Got his papers on Friday, Got married on Saturday, Passed away happy on Sunday. Erick Huerta, aka El Random Hero, is a journalism student at East […]

I am Breaking Down (poetry)

By Anonymous Part I I am breaking down Trying to fight the thoughts that tell me I am the most worthless creature in this world. Feeling scared, feeling terrified. I’m in a room filled with people … beautiful, strong souls in the struggle for immigrant rights and social justice. Yet I am alone. Laughter in […]