Perpetual State of Infancy (dream theory)

By Fernando Romero Fernando, graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 and studied Creative Writing and Journalism. He is a co-founding member of Dreamers Adrift and co-founding member of the AB 540 group FUEL @ CSULB. He is also the Coordinator for the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California, which is an […]

The Civil Disobedience Event (A Play in Two Acts)

By Fernando Romero   I stood there in my neon-range security vest, unsure of what to think. When I turned my head right, I could see the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains to the east encroaching upon us; just hanging and towering over all of us. They looked so majestic and peaceful like oil on canvas painting. […]

Esperanza y luz (poetry)

By Sandy Flores Soy solamente una soñadora buscando una oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.En el camino he encontrado piedras; piedras grandes que amenazan mi sendero truncar Pero no me venceré, no perderé la ESPERANZA, moveré esas piedras y obtendré la oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.Soy […]

I am Breaking Down (poetry)

By Anonymous Part I I am breaking down Trying to fight the thoughts that tell me I am the most worthless creature in this world. Feeling scared, feeling terrified. I’m in a room filled with people … beautiful, strong souls in the struggle for immigrant rights and social justice. Yet I am alone. Laughter in […]

10 Years and Counting

“Three of us got invites to attend our 10 year high school reunion this year. And it got us thinking about what we would say to our fellow peers whom we graduated alongside so many years ago, many whom are well underway in nurturing careers and supporting their own families. How could they possibly understand […]