Look at us…(Spoken Word)

By Cindy Lora Cindy Lora is currently a college student working on her Associate of Arts degree in English. She is a Steering Representative for the California Dream Network, and fully enjoys being involved with my community.   Alien Dreamer Illegal Undocumented Inferior Equal There are those who have said, “Look at them. They are the invisible children of […]

Immigrant Face (Spoken Word)

By Zessna Garcia   I am the face of an immigrant Dark eyes Tan skin Black hair Not the ideal beauty but beautiful none the less You court me and flirt with me You acknowledge my wit and my charm I counteract and intimidate you with my strong independent stride… Latin beauty, Latin charm If […]

illegal legal illegal legal – (spoken teatro piece)

Mariella Saba Flores bonitas, flores, para su abuelita, para que sonríe. Ándale para tu novia, para que la reconquistes. Tamales, tamales de pollo, de puerco, de chile de raja, champurrado para que acompañe su tamal. Bolis de vainilla, de limón, pal calor. Hot dogs, hot dogs, con todo. Fruta con sal, limón y chile, quiere […]