I Feel Like…(Poetry)

By Elioth Gomez Elioth Gomez, has been accepted to CSU San francisco, San Jose, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara, waiting for UC LA and Berkeley. He has worked hard but he might not be able attend the school he want to. Every day tries to stay optimistic but I can not continue The reality is that Elioth will be unable to […]

Look at us…(Spoken Word)

By Cindy Lora Cindy Lora is currently a college student working on her Associate of Arts degree in English. She is a Steering Representative for the California Dream Network, and fully enjoys being involved with my community.   Alien Dreamer Illegal Undocumented Inferior Equal There are those who have said, “Look at them. They are the invisible children of […]

Borders No More (Poetry)

By Adrian with the words of my heart I will break down your walls the steel that separates us from the ones who impose no threat or harm now you see, while you waste your precious time and energy creating the fear and sadness that haunts the air a politically driven hate inspired act I, […]

I Love The Night (Poetry)

By Juan Carlos Segundo Juan Carlos Segundo is and Undocumented, Electrical engineering student at City College of San Francisco. He advocates for immigrant rights and student equity at CCSF through SAFE (Students Advocating for Equity) and SMAC (Students Making A Change).     I love the night. Not because it’s when I’m procrastinating doing crazy math calculations. Nah, I […]


  Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog By Juan S Undocumented love is expressed in all forms. Love for the family members that are always there for you. Love for the ally that does what she/he can to support you. Love for the partner that understands (or tries to understand) what you may be going through. Love […]

Dear America (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez   Dear America, this is your Dreamer, the one who was your nightmare, the one you attempted to deny entry into your heart, into your Promised Land; remember when you attempted to cut my tongue for asking questions? when I dared to look into your eyes with anger, when I showed my […]

Hombre inaudito (Poetry)

By Marisol Valero   Acompañada entre espadas y cuchillos Mis caderas balancean tu mirada En mis ojos encuentras tu reflejo Es que de mis entrañas te formaste De mis pechos te alimentaste Y de mi boca aprendiste tu lengua Ahora tu indiferencia me acosa El filo de tu ignorancia me lastima Tu necedad porque sea […]

Walk Against Fear (Poetry)

By Irving Valenzuela Irving. is an undocumented student from Mississippi. He is currently taking part in a march in Mississippi to highlight and raise awareness on the plight of undocumented people in that state. The march is also meant commemorate the Walk Against Fear, that civil rights leader James Meredith conducted in the 1960s.   This is a […]

Soy (Poetry)

By Marisol Valero   El cuero que viste mi alma. A veces el amanecer nublado. Alguna vez fui noche sin estrellas. Me visto de sentimientos La ropa solo cubre lo que tú no puedes aceptar. El infinito esplendor de mi coraje, madurez y niñez. de todo lo demás que nunca comprenderás. En las profundidades de […]

I AM (Poetry)

By E.B. Perez I am A student, Driven by the hatred that blocks the dream I’m pursuin’ Thestruggle surpassed is what I’m proving, The knowledge gained, the financial pain, But still moving past, The hard work invested in every class, The years of education that keep me focused, The potential that goes unnoticed, Motivated to […]