Undocumented & Awkward: Season 1 (Blooper Reel)

Riding the Blue Line in LA (The UndocuTrain)

By Fernando Romero Fernando, graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 and studied Creative Writing and Journalism. He is a co-founding member of Dreamers Adrift and co-founding member of the AB 540 group FUEL @ CSULB. He is also the Coordinator for the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California, which is an […]

Damn it feels good to be a normal; Immigrated from Idontgiveafuckistan

By Minhaz An excerpt from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: Tricia: We have normality. Arthur: Normality, right. We can talk about ‘normality’ til the cows come home. Ford: What is normal. Tricia: What is home. Zaphod: purchase doxycycline, purchase zithromax. What are cows…??? Who of us can say they didn’t desperately cling to normality […]

The undocububble and 4 reasons why legal status doesn’t fix everything

  Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog By Minhaz Two years ago, I didn’t really know what it was like to have a community to deal with my undocumented status. Now, probably like many of us, I forget what it was like outside of being undocumented. Even worse, I forget what it was like being undocumented and […]


  Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog By Juan S Undocumented love is expressed in all forms. Love for the family members that are always there for you. Love for the ally that does what she/he can to support you. Love for the partner that understands (or tries to understand) what you may be going through. Love […]

The 7 annoying types of undocumented people and the politics of being undocumented

Being undocumented means being a lot of things. And this list really does not encompass them all, good and bad. Many are acknowledged already but these, I hope, offer new perspectives on old digs. Now, I am not about bashing others to feel better about myself. I know the details of these categories because I […]

Somewhat Documented but Still Awkward

  By Fernando Romero   Date: Monday, March 12, 2012 Time: 8:30 a.m. Place: Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Pomona, Califorina   DMV clerk: In order to renew your license, I need to see all your immigration documents to see you’re still in the process. Do you have your green card? Fernando: I haven’t gotten my green […]