The Executive Invasion of Georgia

by MartA�n My name is MartA�n, Ia��m 20, Ia��m undocumented, been living in Georgia since I was 4a��leta��s get started. I was given the opportunity to be a part of the occupy movement in Georgia. I wanted to partake in the action because I felt pretty strong about it; I thought it was a pretty […]

Uncivil Obedience: 9 important quotes on action

By Minhaz I have learned that the ability to go out and publicly demand immigration reform is not a sign of entitlement; it’s a sign of confidence. It’s shown many that being undocumented is not a personal matter of shame. To be undocumented is the embodiment of moral justice over xenophobia. A common theme I’ve […]

The Civil Disobedience Event (A Play in Two Acts)

By Fernando Romero   I stood there in my neon-range security vest, unsure of what to think. When I turned my head right, I could see the snow-capped San Bernardino Mountains to the east encroaching upon us; just hanging and towering over all of us. They looked so majestic and peaceful like oil on canvas painting. […]