“When I read hateful words towards the immigrant community, or any community, I can’t help but feel sad for my fellow human beings.

I always wonder what life this person has led that would nurture in them such anger and resentment. It’s as if by merely existing, we’re robbing them of something; jobs, education, money or maybe even love. I don’t know.

This doesn’t make me angry, but I do often feel powerless. At times I wish I could sit them down and look them straight in their eyes and ask why. Why do you feel this way? Who taught you to be this way? But I fear that some, if not all, of these souls won’t change because they refuse to. Regardless of how many facts and personal stories you fill them with, they’ll turn a blind eye. Like my mother says, ‘Un arbol torzido nunca endereza.’

Fortunately for myself and my own sanity, I don’t always feel this way. I’ve seen it for myself that some people are capable of positive change. But everyone has different triggers, and what may inspire change for one person, might not work for the next. In this struggle, we have to keep keeping on and hope that we can change this place one person at a time.”


(verse 1)
It’s kinda crazy when you stop and think about it,
The sort of stuff people be typing out when they know they’re shrouded
Behind the anonymous curtain of the internet.
Dropping ominous comments soaking with embitterment.
I have to ask: Is it really a reflection of themselves?
Or something else? Man, I could never tell.
‘Cause some of those people can barely even spell, y’all!
They should’ve been the ones sitting up in ESL!
Though I don’t dwell on the reasons they feel compelled
To dispel any of my efforts to excel, y’all.
I just know that I have to keep it moving.
It ain’t my attitude that needs improvement.

(verse 2)
These are just words. Standing alone, they mean nothing.
Without the context or the history? Nothing.
Without a purpose? They mean nothing.
But then, you attach them to a face: suddenly they mean something.
And it’s never something positive
Strung together, it’s the perfect way to make another person feel like they’re nothing.
We’re struggling on the daily to become something,
Gunning for freedom from these labels that we be juggling.
And hustling in the middle of this witch-hunting,
Having to deal with these words can be mind-numbing!
But we toughen up, dealing with folks who stay fronting,
Mumbling something about us being nothing.

(verse 3)
So whether you’re fresh off the boat or fresh over the border,
Be ready for some folks to give you the cold shoulder.
Be ready to forget who you were…
They’ll break your whole life down to one single word (man, that’s absurd!).
See, that’s the expectation.
It’s a very twisted method of classification; Latin, Black, and Asian.
They call it an invasion and jump on degradation
Of a whole population, so we fight with education.
We’re taking these back, reclaiming ’em.
We’re owning them and redefining them, or simply doing away with ’em.
These words never defined who are!
These words are NOT who we are!

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