“We’re just human beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeings.”

An impromptu and impeccable performance by Julio, recorded at 3am after a session of shit talking over Ruben Navarrette’s pieces on DREAMers.

The format of this piece was inspired by a Nicki Minaj video, entitled “Bossing Up”:

Julio is a big fan of Nicki, and has a tendency of quickly adopting catch phrases (“I’m just a human beeeeeeeeeeeeing…”). He’d been trying to throw that phrase into a video for quite some time, and I kept saying NO. But here it was. His one opportunity to pay homage to one of his favorite artists. And I think that he did so pretty honestly.

The interesting thing about this video, to me, has been the reaction it’s gotten from other DREAMers. Many found it humorous. But a very small (yet vocal) sector of the DREAM movement found the bleeped-out curse words problematic. We got several emails from folks who went on rants about how we didn’t know what we were doing and how we were single-handedly destroying the reputation of other DREAMers with these sorts of artistic liberties and antics.

We know that we can’t make everybody happy. But having been making videos for a couple of years now, I know enough to gauge these people as the sort of fucks who would complain whether we bleeped the curse words or not. And in my humble opinion, their take and reasoning is absolutely hypocritical because I know that these same folks sit around and talk all sorts of shit using similar language as Julio in this video. But as soon as a multi-media piece is thrown up on the internet, they’re the first ones to flip their shit and reject it because it “makes other DREAMers look bad.”

I have nothing much to say to those people except: Fuck you, you snobby goodie-goodie I’m-holier-than-thou fucks.

The fact that all they took away from this video was the bleeped-out words, without even paying attention to the overall message, further reinforces our resolve in releasing pieces like this one.

In the past, we’ve let others pressure many of us into becoming these model “aspiring citizen” undocumented-immigrants-turned-DREAMers, and in all of our naivety, we bought into it. And once we realized that we were fooling ourselves and that we were being played, many began to say “FUCK IT”. But there are still many who wholeheartedly believe in the DREAMer myth, and they believe that we should ALL hold ourselves to those standards set by some other fucks who used undocumented youth to further their own political careers. And they insist that we stop stop rocking the boat. But I’m not doing that. We’re not doing that. Those people can go fuck themselves.

All that we are here is a team of undocumented artists with our own opinions and our own manners of seeing this screwed-up beautiful world in which we live. We’re every-day normal flawed human beings. Nothing more and nothing less.

And I hope that these people who won’t allow themselves to hear past a four-letter word can one day understand what were trying convey and accomplish here.

In solidarity,

"I'm a human beeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnng."


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    My teacher drafted this petition please sign. Thank you.