United We Manifest

Another lunchtime rap in the car, courtesy of Jesus.

“This is a flow that I wrote on the way up to Sacramento not that long ago. I got into a crammed bus full of DREAMers, and we made a journey through the night to arrive at our state’s capitol to lobby for the California DREAM Act. I meant to record it earlier, but… well… I read that Maryland finally passed their version of the DREAM Act, and it got me hyped. So I decided to share it with y’all.” -Jesus

“As I dip in and out of rhyme schemes, I remember my dreams
Glowing bright like the high beams
Of this bus, to the capitol or bust,
Know-Nothings must think that we’re nuts
Though we got a lot of guts and a lot of fight in us
And a spirit you won’t budge, can’t touch, cant’ crush
‘Cuz I’m calling out their bluffs,
The GOP may have a full house but I got a royal flush
With a fistful of spades,
Pens uncapped, I’m jottin’ down words that’ll detonate like grenades.
‘Cuz I’m sick of checkpoints and immigration raids
Sick of thinkin’ that my hood is a maze
Or a labyrinth of hate, one single mistake,
I could end up in the clutches of an unfortunate fate
A disgrace on behalf of the state
Looking for ways and excuses to not educate
Broke undocumented students who made the grades
No way for them to pay their way, no financial aid
And it’s got us going mad cuz we gave it all we had
For something that we’ve wanted so bad
Now that the DREAM Act’s on the map,
We’re coming out of the shadows, ain’t no holdin’ us back
Or suppressing our voice
We made it out here without a choice, that’s why we gotta make some noise

Big boys out on Capitol Hill, we kept our end of the deal,
Come on yall, sign the bill.
it’s been 10 years of waiting around
So stop fucking around already, sign the bill
We don’t want to be conned,
We don’t want to be pawns,
We don’t want to mow lawns
We just want to move on
And make a living
The fact that we’re trying to get ahead’s got a lot of people trippin’
Like we’re demanding for too much
We just want to be professionals or jump into uniforms with crew cuts
And serve this nation, for better or for worse
This sort of ignorance makes my melon want to burst
Cuz it hurts to see all this talent go to waste
Like dreams are no longer worth the chase
We got to stand strong in the face of this uphill quest
Individually we dream
United we manifest.”

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