“Ride With Ya” [official music video]

written by (in order of appearance) Ju Hong, Krsna Avila, Jesús Iñiguez, and Beto Ortiz
produced by GB (www.giftedandblessed.com)
song recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesús Iñiguez (December, 2012. Berkeley, CA)
video captured and edited by Jesús Iñiguez (with support from Beto Ortiz)
filmed in Berkeley, Oakland, and Treasure Island. California representing!

Song was recorded over a year ago, back in December 2012. Song has been floating around since. The fellas decided to make a music video for it, but for a whole year, everyone always had something to do that conflicted with each other’s schedules whenever dates got thrown around. We stay busy like that.

Filmed on February 9th, 2014. It rained the whole day. My camera and lenses inevitably got damn near soaked while filming; the entire time, I kept praying that the camera would be okay. The risk I was willing to take to make this filming finally manifest… maybe it wasn’t the greatest of ideas, but I knew that if I didn’t capture the video then, it would probably never happen. Consequently, camera and lenses kept fogging up for days afterwards, due to all the moisture that got trapped inside of my gear. Fuckit.

Edited the whole thing myself. Finished rendering it, reviewed it once, uploaded it. For Valentine’s Day.

Hope y’all dig it.

Ju Hong is the star in this video. Ladies: He’s single, trilingual, and super down to mingle. Hollar!! 510. =)



chorus: I just wanna ride with you.

1st verse (Krsna):
And I just want to ride/
From the brightest day to the darkest night/
They say love is blind/ Well so is our status/
Immigration laws couldn’t break us apart/
Came from different lands but together we are/
Here to stay/a new road we will pave/
United we dream, together we conquer/
My love for her would cross any border/
Heart/Yea we’ll both make our mark/
Soul/Just let yourself go/
Mind/Put the past behind, I am yours and you are mine/
I’ll fight with you, put my life for you, cry with you,
aim to find the truth, grab my hand as we go up above girl/
Like a pair of doves/Freedom lies in us/
I know the road is tough but we have undoculove.


2nd verse (E.S.L.):
I got caught up in my head and I didn’t wanna say much/
in this complicated game and I didn’t wanna play rough/
Fought many nights hoping we could clear mistakes up/
Sick of back and forth, sick of breaking up to make up/
Over time, it got difficult to stay tough/
With arguments and tally points of what the other gave up/
Compromising what we couldn’t just to push the stakes up/
You’re my dream girl and I didn’t wanna wake up/
What other choice did I have with these promises that I wanted to keep/
except to keep counting sheep/
Under the sheets, fingers interlocked, palms sweaty/
And I’m drifting away from numero uno/
This is how you lose her like Junot, you know?/
Relationship judo: getting kicked to the curb/
Thinking I was from Mars, but maybe I’m from Pluto/
Looking at me like I don’t resemble anyone you know/
I’m just trying to keep it live/
Floating out in open waters like in Life of Pi/
I know that all you wanted was a simple kind of life/
But for now, all I wanna do is chill and ride with ya
Just that one last time.


3rd verse (Xitimo):
Let’s take our time to explore the cityscape,
To adore both its pretty and its gritty face/
I’m from where concrete is the geography
and street vendors is part of the ecology/
so follow me as we travel through its arteries,
and pardon me, but I wholeheartedly wanna be part of this town/
As hard as it pounds,
I wanna feel the pulse of its heart, it resounds/
Moreover, I wanna see it with you
see the unseen, the more scenic the route/
and I ain’t ever felt this passion, this feeling is new/
I’m feelin this is love, could this really be true?/
I hope so/ I see our future, it blooms/
I see your spirit shine, see you gleaming, my boo/
We on this fly pursuit
every time we together and I ride with you/


In solidarity,
Jesús Iñiguez

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