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Dear art-supporting community,

We are Julio Salgado and Jesús Iñiguez, co-funders of DreamersAdrift. We started DreamersAdrift nearly six years ago as a media platform for undocumented immigrants to tell our stories own stories in a creative and humanizing way that mainstream media was failing to do. In the past couple of years, we’ve created over 90 videos that deal with queerness, immigration, race and other issues that immigrants face in this country.

With a budget of $0, we produced two webseries : “Undocumented & Awkward,” and most recently, “Osito.” With Undocumented & Awkward, we used a lot of improvised humor to tackle the awkwardness that comes with sharing your undocumented status with friends and strangers. Osito is more of a scripted series that focused on the life of a young undocumented and queer Mexican man living in the Bay area with his best hetero undocumented friend Jesus. Latino Rebels said that the Osito series were “raw but real” and Remezcla called it “sincere, smart, and full of brio.”

We are currently developing a fourth season of Osito and want to make sure this new season really stands out! In order to do this, we want to get a bigger production crew, new filming locations, more actors (we’re pretty sure folks are sick of just seeing us), writers to help with the script and better equipment. Now, just because we’ve worked on a $0, we can’t ask folks to work for free. This is why we are reaching out to our community and fundraise $10,000!!! Any amount helps out!

So if you like the work that DreamersAdrift does and would like to see us expand the work, please share this link and video with your friends, frenemies and lovers to help us get to our goal by the end of September! If you have any questions or if you want to get involved with the series, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you very much for taking the time to see our video ask and to read about our project.

in solidarity,

-Julio and Jesús

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