E.S.L. – Open Letter (first draft)

Inspired by the open letters released by Jay-Z and Pitbull.

Recorded 4/20/13, completed at 4:20am (seriously… not kidding).

Written and quickly recorded by E.S.L.


It seems to be open season for some open letters
So I gathered me some thoughts and threw this verse together
On the political tip, for shits and kicks,
I mean… nobody be tunin’ in to Pitbull for the politics.

And I don’t mean that as a diss,
But the truth I’m gonna spit sounds different than his
By a long shot. Take a dip beneath the surface:
Miami’s history is like a circus

A spectacle of fat wallets and some heavy purses
Belonging to some settled refugees who be claiming that they’ve earned it
Mention this to Cubans, watch ’em burst a couple circuits
I already smell some bridges burnin’

Don’t get me wrong:
If you made it through the open waters
Or the Arizona desert and a narco slaughter
You deserve to stay here. Bay of Pigs?
Pigs in the bay shoot brown men next to public trains!

Keep talking un-American, you’ll get to know Cuba through Guantanamo.
Quedamos terorizados,
¿Quedamos callados? Quedamos deportados.

I’d love a Cuban cigarro, but since the embargo
Still ain’t lifted, I stay hella lifted off of California hydro
Put me in a mic booth and I go psycho.

Free market freedom’s not what I would die for,
But the freedoms of our peoples, I would die for.
Crossing borderlands is a freedom that I fight for,
Thinking globally while many focus on the micro.

Rip through 8-44 pages like a cyclone,
Coming to conclude this fucking bill’s far from right, yo
Written by conservative assholes
And muthafuckas with interests to get U.S. to buy drones.

Or private prison corporations,
Too many making money off of private prison corporations.
And I can’t sleep, thinking of the few
Making hella millions incarcerating my peeps.

Citizenship for lease,
Too many ways to end up in the belly of the beast
To accomplish this feat, all I need is to be
Stopped by police with some weed under my seat.
And then it’s bad dreamer,
My fault, getting caught up in this web of these sociopathic schemers.

Personally, I’m over this shit
I don’t wanna see anymore families split.
The great awakening is finally happening now,
The time to dream has past, the time to act is NOW!

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