E.S.L. – Dreams

I’ve been listenin’ to hella Panamanian records lately. This is an entire Hermanos Duncan production, straight from a record I found (with a clip of The Mozambiques at the end… fucking HEATER track). That groove. What? How can one NOT feel swayed by that sound?

This song is kinda… a testament and a reminder of sorts to myself as I go about my day to day that it’s okay to continue to dream, and that I should NEVER give up. The trials and tribulations of life may be tugging on me to resign and go in a certain direction, but these dreams I maintain are the reason that the trajectory of my life has taken some interesting courses.

Besides… life is just a bizarre dream anyway. A mindfuck of an experience, that’s for damn sure.

Keep dreaming, y’alls.

It was all a dream.
A burst bubble or caffeinated scribbles.
The innocence behind it all makes me giggle.
The type of dream I’ve had since I was little man.
But now I’m grown and my situation ain’t the same.
But these visions keep appearing in my mind frame.
They keep me up at night and sedated through the day
In a hazy daze. Both my eyes glazed
Trying to figure out a way to make it work and pay.

I keep my eyes closed, but my heart and soul are open,
Hoping that my perseverance stays unbroken.
And I feel the pressure building up and it don’t stop.
It just keep bubbling and burning
‘Til it becomes claustrophobic and I feel like I’m chokin’.
There’s no end in sight.
I can’t sleep it off.
Everywhere I go. And everywhere I look.
And everywhere I be… it’s staring back at me!

It’s just a part of me and I can’t reckon with it.
It stays dangling in front of me like a carrot.
I reach out, and it’s just a little bit beyond my grasp.
Just enough to get me back on the right track,
‘Cause I’m always distracted.
Actin’ like I lost my marbles, but I probably never had ’em.
So I blow trees just to blow steam
I got this geyser of love and grief bubblin’ deep inside of me…

And it’s ready to explode!
Got shit to unload,
Looking forward to finally feeling lighter
Cruising higher than a 747
Got my feet up in the gutter but my mind above the heavens.
Taking in the inspiration like a breath of God,
Feelin’ alive, lettin’ loose.
Ain’t no use to keep this padlocked,
Can’t stop,
Head nod like an etch-sketch to obliterate this fucking block!

So I float downstream,
After all, it’s just a dream
and I’m hopin’ it don’t turn into a nightmare.
I’m aimin’ for the best considering the circumstances.
Sometimes there’s second chances.
So I’m indulging in this visions that’ll never leave my mind frame…
There’s no end in sight…
It’s just who I am.
It’s who I’ll be.
So I gotsta to keep…

Julio Salgado, on set of video shoot.

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