Dear Obama

A few words to you, Mr. President. Didn’t mean to come off so short and frustrated with ya. We know that you’ve got a lot on your plate. But try and see it our way. We want to see some action and movements coming directly from you.

If you truly mean what you say, you’ll put it in writing. In the past, presidents have written executive orders that both jeopardized and and helped communities of color in this nation’s history, from Arthur’s Chinese Exclusion Act, Roosevelt’s Executive Order 9066, to Kennedy’s support during the Civil Rights movement.

Dream Act students are at the forefront of this new era of struggle and perseverance. We’ve been waiting our whole lives for something like this to finally liberate us. So we hope you can understand why we were so short.

But we still have hope. And we want to trust that you’ll do the right thing by us. But you have to give us some truth! We’re still waiting for this big change that was promised to us.

Make it happen cap’n.

Dreamers Adrift

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