DREAMer Stories

Undocumented youth from around the country are preparing to share their stories on tumblr. Sharing our compelling stories not only shows the country who we are on a personal level, but it shows each other that we are more alike and united than apart.

Here is an excerpt from one of the entries:

I never really knew the implications of being undocumented until I reached my high school years when all my friends and fellow classmates began to get their driving permits and apply for jobs. Even then, I let none of that bring me down and I made my education top priority. When I began applying for college, however, I was put on the wait lists due to my legal status—even when my grades could have earned me a scholarship to an Ivy League college.

If you feel like you are ready to express your story, do so. Every submission is valuable. Your story does not have to be epic or extraordinary, simply being an undocumented youth is compelling and the more people get to know us, the more likely they will stop seeing images of violent criminals in their minds and start seeing us for who we really are.


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