Low-Profile Illegal Alien Endorses Donald Trump

by Jesús Iñiguez

The last several days have seen a flurry of high profile undocumented activists drawing lines in the sand as to which Democrat contender will be the one to get the DREAMer backing in the upcoming presidential election. Prominent DREAMers from both the Clinton and Sanders camps have sniped at each other via Twitter regarding the level of undocumented engagement both candidates have had in their campaigning ranks, and reporters starved for a story have been fueling the feud. Who is showcasing DREAMers and who is organizing and working with DREAMers? Which candidate has a history of caring for and working for undocumented communities and which candidate has been in support of deportations? Who has flip-flopped on issues relating to immigration, how often, and which stance has resulted in more deportations?

The jury is still out on these questions, though unlike the Democrat Caucus in Iowa, this isn’t something that can be decided by a coin toss. The work, voting record, and public rhetoric of each candidate should speak for itself.

Or should it?

As the DREAMer popularity continues to skyrocket on the Democratic side of the party line, I’ve yet to see a single DREAMer activist endorse the platform of any Republican candidate. This may sound like common sense, as Donald Trump has been the antithesis of progress and intelligence, and Ted Cruz is an all-out egomaniac with the appeal of an axe murderer.

But while many high-profile DREAMers squabble about Democratic endorsements, I can’t help but wonder how terrible their memories are. After all, we’re still living under the presidency of Barack Obama, the twice-champion Democrat candidate who has deported more people than ANY other president in U.S. history, and who has beefed up border security to heights the Republican party only dreamed of. Republicans hate him because he proved to be more effective and efficient than they could have ever hoped to be, all the while flying below the radar of Latino questioning.

Yes, he’s been called out and interrupted by immigration activists over the years while making appearances here and there. And yes… he signed an executive order for DACA in 2012… but only after undocumented activists forced his hand by taking over several of his presidential campaigning offices across the country. And STILL… despite the horrid immigration legacy this 8 year presidency will leave etched in blood in American history books, Democrats continue to operate under the assumed support of immigrants rights activists and groups. All because they’re trusting that we’re happy to choose the lesser evil.

If you ask me, President Obama has made it clear that Democrats are not to be trusted. Obama promised to pass immigration reform in the first year of his presidency. All that he has to show for this promise now are 2.5+ million deportations, SCOMM being active in over 95% of U.S. precincts, and more border patrol agents and CBP officers on the U.S./Mexico border than there are soldiers at the Korean Demilitarized Zone (the most militarily fortified border in the world). We got drones, immigrant detention centers in every state, the whole shebang! Obama even started off 2016 by rounding up Central American refugees and deporting them!

This is why I, in good conscience, cannot trust anything that Bernie Sanders says about immigration, much less Hillary Clinton. The fact that DREAMers are feuding about which Democrat candidate to support is quite silly to me.

Which is why I’m officially and publicly endorsing Donald Trump for President. #DonaldTrump2017

design by César Miguel Vega Magallón

design by César Miguel Vega Magallón

Now… before DREAMer butterfly wings get all riled up, let me be clear. I’m not saying that Mr. Trump is best for our communities. I’m saying that Trump will make a great president because he will make the United States honest again.

I’m with John Lennon on this one. I want a candidate who’ll “Gimme Some Truth.” And Donald Trump, as crazy as he sounds, is giving me all the truth I can handle. All his cards are out on the table. If elected to lead this nation, I know that I can take Donald Trump’s words and promises, as much as I hate them, to the bank. No double talk. I wholeheartedly trust that he will keep all his promises to all the women, undocus, and people of color of this nation. I will know exactly what to look forward to, I’ll know exactly who I’m fighting. Trump’s followers are agonizing about feeling like hostages in their own country because they cannot speak their minds out of fear of being targeted for not being politically correct. Donald Trump, by example, is offering an opportunity for these folks to come out of the woodwork and backwoods, and to openly participate in this country’s true favorite national pastime: racism, homophobia, misogyny, exclusion. Nothing will be behind closed doors anymore, nothing will be uttered behind backs. In order for change and healing to take place, things unfortunately have to get uglier than they are now. We must all confront this white American mentality of fear and supremacy, including Trump supporters themselves (but especially those clueless white savior allies who label themselves as “progressive”).

In addition, Donald Trump has the potential to unite social justice groups who have splintered from each other and remind us to hold together. Nothing unites people like a common enemy. Donald Trump is just one of those fellas we’ll ALL love to hate and dismantle. Together.

Let’s face it. Relying on Democrats to do right by immigrants rights activists and undocumented communities is akin to trusting Judas not to turn Jesus over to the Romans. If we’re going to dance with the devil, we might as well know who we’re lighting the night on fire with.

DREAmers be like, "Democrats made it possible for me to get a job! Who needs a ride back to the homeland... er... home?"

DREAMers be like, “Democrats made it possible for me to get a job! Who needs a ride back to their homeland… er… home?”

One final note: the only reason I defaulted to support Donald Trump instead of Ted Cruz is because Mr. Cruz was born in Canada. And he knows the rules, as much as he’s trying to challenge the constitutional dictations of who is eligible to be president. That fucker will NEVER be president, much to my own morbid lamentation.


Jesús Iñiguez is a former DREAMer who has returned to his illegal alien roots. He’s not exactly “high-profile,” so… who really gives a shit about his bio. 

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