Hey Girl

It all started with the photo above, which I uploaded to my Facebook page.  Shot on my mac in photobooth. Nothing special. Just shining the pearls for the camera as I go about my daily routine at work. I uploaded the original photo in its original mirror-imaged format with everything flipped horizontally.

And then, Miss Catherine -a friend of mine- took it and ran with it, creating a meme she called “The Romantic Activist”, which was inspired by the feminist Hey Girl Ryan Gosling memes floating around the internet.

I never imagined anyone taking a photo of mine to create a meme, much less one that pictures me as this romantic (m)activist. HA! That smooth mofo ain’t me! But you know. It certainly beats ending up on a meme like Bad Luck Brian.

Below are all the images she created, which I found hilarious. Hopefully y’all get a kick out of ’em too.


5 Responses to “Hey Girl”
  1. Heather says:

    Adorable, the quotes are cute too lol. You really do have a beautiful smile Jesus. Que Dios te bendiga.

  2. Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jr. says:

    Miss Catherine and Jesus, this is beyond awesome! Thank you! I feel as if though all of these romantic memes could actually be nicely written in a love letter, OR used as pick up lines, and be pulled off perfectly! haha! Everything in each and every meme is true and they remind me how laughter lets this struggle have a new passion of joy, as if it were something new and unexpected. As we all go through our undocu-awesome daily routines, “we are constantly experiencing, seeing, hearing, hoping, and dreaming extraordinary things.” This “genius of the heart” should be praised and here, it’s honored in the name of Love! Thank you again!

    Just had to add this one 🙂

    “Hey girl/boy/brother/sister/mother/father/homie/dude,

    I stopped suffering the day I heard you laugh and saw you smile”

    P.S. Seriously can’t thank ya’ll enough. If Yoda could see this, he’d say “The force with the undocumented, is”

  3. Rebecca says:

    Love love love. Things I want to hear from my partner.

  4. Gaby says:

    I love this so much!!!! great work 🙂