Somewhat Documented but Still Awkward


By Fernando Romero


Date: Monday, March 12, 2012

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Place: Dept. of Motor Vehicles in Pomona, Califorina


DMV clerk: In order to renew your license, I need to see all your immigration documents to see you’re still in the process. Do you have your green card?

Fernando: I haven’t gotten my green card, but here’s my approval notice from Dept. of Homeland Security. It’s the one says that I’m now a permanent resident.

– Clerk looks at letter of approval from DHS.

Clerk: Ok, if no green card. I need to see your passport.

Fernando: Sure, here’s my Mexican passport.

– Clerk (who was Latina I might add) leafs through my passport.

Clerk: Where’s the visa?

Fernando: Wha?

Clerk: Where’s your visa on your passport?

Fernando: I don’t understand the question.

Clerk: Where did you get this passport?

Fernando: I got it at a FAMSA in Wilmington. It was called like the consulate on wheels or something.

Clerk: The Mexican Consulate should’ve provided you with a visa.

Fernando: Why? What for?

Clerk: To come into the U.S.

– Fernando getting anxious and frustrated.

Fernando: Huh?… Wait. I was already here.

Clerk: You were already here? How?

Fernando: Yeah, I was already here.. I came when I was little without inspection or proper documents. “Illegally” as some would say.

– DMV clerks give a raised eyebrow. Looks at me with suspicion.

Clerk: Give me a second I’ll be right back

– Clerk walks over to a supervisor of sorts. They inspect immigration paperwork and passport thoroughly. By this point the line at this window grows.  I exchange some glances and smiles with the clerk that was helping me, but the clerk all she is doing is giving the “shifty eyes.” While I wait (for what seemed like an eternity) I tried to make idle conversation with some of the clerks nearby who by this point are not saying anything and are simply looking at me with confused looks in their faces.





2 Responses to “Somewhat Documented but Still Awkward”
  1. Tina says:

    I loved this! I guess sometimes it’s gotta feel like it will never stop being awkward.

  2. Totally awkward!!! These people do not have enough training to understand the many paper works DHS have!!! Thank you for sharing this very simple example of la idiotez of ignorant people.

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