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By Juan S

Undocumented love is expressed in all forms. Love for the family members that are always there for you. Love for the ally that does what she/he can to support you. Love for the partner that understands (or tries to understand) what you may be going through. Love is awesome and you know it!

Here’s a short spoken word piece that expresses my love for my parents and the night.

“I Love The Night”

I love the night.

Not because ita��s when Ia��m procrastinating doing crazy math
Nah, I love the night because it helped me derive a lot of

I love the night because it was during the night when I learned the
value of hard-work.

During the night I scavenged for cardboard.
While people slept, three little immigrants looked for cardboard to
stack on this big truck.
This big red truck that was bright red and really really really big
a�� wait almost everything is bigger than me.

I love the night. Because it taught me love.
It taught me that my parents loved me.
With or without papers,
Theya��d do anything to support me, to support us.

It was during the night where I learned that people do value
It was during these nine hour marathon cardboard hunts that I realized
no one can stop my undocumented parents.
Not having papers will not stop me, will not stop them, will not stop
us, will not stop you.

It wasna��t until this man, a very humble and simple man said it to my
dear momma.
He just stared at my dad, mom, and I.
He glared with admiration.

Initially, I didna��t see it that way.
I was ready to throw down and fight.
Then, he said a�?Gracias. Gracias por ensenarle lo que significa el
trabajo y sacrificio. Graciasa�?
(Thank you. Thank you for teaching him the value of hard-work and
sacrifice. Thank youa�?)
I froze. I stopped. I freaked out.
Soon after, this man left. My mom looked at my dad.
Then they both looked at me and smiled.

I realized that for just a brief moment a��
they felt joy and a sense of accomplishment.
Soon after, they continued to work.
But they worked with a smile and a silence.
The silence said it all.

Ever since that day a�� I fell in love.
I fell in love with the night.



So please express your love for all of those who have helped you by thanking them and giving them a big hug.

Juan S is an electrical engineer major planning to transfer from a CCSF to a four year institution. A community/student organizer in San Francisco, he also likes sports (especially baseball, college wrestling, and brazilian jiu jitsu), music, and tattoos. He eats a ridiculous amount of food for such a tiny person. He also like hugs and stuffed animals. Seriously. purchase dapoxetine, purchase lioresal.

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