We All Want To Be #Undeportable!!

(This article was originally written by Luis Moreno and posted to BuzzFeed. Since this morning, the posting was flagged and taken down, which is why it appears here now on DreamersAdrift.com.)

by Luis Moreno

So the Biebs got arrested by Florida police on Thursday morning for drunk driving and speeding in his Lamborghini. We know this.

The internet, always on top of it, responded with #DeportBieber, which put young undocuyouth in an interesting frame of mind about a fellow immigrant: “Should we support Bieber? Or should his ass be deported immediately?”

Presente.org has a petition demanding that ALL undocumented immigrants get the #BieberTreatment4All. It’d be nice if ALL undocumented immigrants could receive the same compassionate and understanding as Bieber. Right?

We think Perna Lal had a pretty spot on commentary over at Racefiles: bringing to light the racial dynamics when it comes to white vs people of color and their interactions/experiences with law and immigration enforcement. The brutal honest truth is that undocumented people of color have been deported for much less.

Hence, with the magic of selfies, microsoft paint, and understanding of white privilege #undeportable was born.

Check out the images below. All are from undocumented youth and undocumented organizers weighing in on the overt favoritism that dictates the predicaments of people of color and the privilege of white wealthy out-of-control immigrants.

Check out the UndocuMemes Facebook page to submit your photograph.

Shouts to Yessica Gonzalez for sending the spawning Snapchat and much of the artwork. =)

(edited by Jesús Iñiguez)

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