The Science of Dreams Pt. 2

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by Minhaz

Sleeping leads to dreaming and that can be dangerous. That’s why I avoid sleeping at all costs and why I am writing this at 3am. But before I began my life in this nocturnal wonderland, I tried my best to understand it. The hidden reason behind why I got into neuroscience: I wanted to understand my dreams and why they were so dangerous.

For example, why this character keeps popping up in them?

Okay, okay. I’m done with the “DREAM” Act puns for the foreseeable future. Being undocumented and having a passion for science goes hand in hand. Why? Because… I’m not really sure. And the more I think about it, no, it doesn’t. Studying science is really difficult as it is and the out-of-school life of an undocumented person can be hectic enough to derail many academic pursuits. Pursuing such a path can indeed be dangerous.

Ugh, so many distractions!

But science is special. Science is literally the pursuit of knowledge. And you don’t have to academically major in science to see why science is important to undocumented youth. Science teaches us how to understand.

You see, the human brain isn’t perfect. It’s full of built in logical fallacies that make erroneous things seem correct. Like false dichotomies, correlation-as-causation assumptions and ad hominems. Catching these errors stem from scientific objectivity which we use to understand ourselves without bias. The brain is a tool and you have to know how to use it. As has been stated before, knowing how to think can be our generic zoloft, generic Zoloft. greatest strength against the ignorant masses.

Chemistry cat jokes

For the undocumented science college student or any high schoolers thinking about pursuing it, here’s the absolute most important piece of advice in the world: do not let your undocumented status keep you from applying to research assistant positions in your professors’ labs. I know that sounds hella specific, but if you’re in the field of science at a JC or University, chances are that you have a professor who is doing some Bill Nye shit in his office in between classes: and you need to be apart of that. That is the only way to network and gain experience for when you’re done with your degree and possibly taking a shot at a job in a research lab somewhere…hopefully not as a test subject (Trust me. Now my nipples twitch whenever I’m near a microwave. Don’t ask, it’s rude.)

The other thing is, build your relationships with your teachers. Growing up, I was always taught to shy away from authority-laden, adult figures who were apart of “the system.” Getting close to them meant I might have to tell them my status and who knows, get kicked out of school? That’s what I thought back then anyways. But those relationships are probably the most important ones you can create.

Who knows, hopefully as we create a more accepting atmosphere for our people, “coming out” to adults won’t be as dangerous. Still be careful and get to know people before you do. The point is, have a plan when approaching people to figure out if you can trust them but don’t NOT attempt for fear they might disappoint you with their personal beliefs.

The Science of Dreams is a parallel piece by two undocumented science majors that covers each writers perspectives on science in the undocumented community. Juan is majoring in Electrical Engineering and Minhaz has a degree in Neuroscience.

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