Show Me YOUR Papers! (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez

Jesus, is an active member of the Orange Country Dream Team and contributor to the Huffington Post Dream Activist series.


Show me YOUR papers
that say you are more
human than me,
you see I am free to
step where I please,
I need no justification
for my migration,
if this nation
rejects me,
I’ll look beyond
their desperation
to get rid of people
the color of my skin,
my kin, those who live
between two identities,
three identities,
we are not a priority
they say, but they play
with our dreams,
with our aspirations,
this “free” nation,
with White frustration,
when will they realize
I will not leave or hide,
even if they deny
my existence with
persistence, through laws
and check points and raids,
my strength will not fade,
my body will react,
if I feel the continuous attack
against me and my community,
through unity
and love for my people—
we were never meant to be equal,
we were never meant to be respected,
we are not neglected,
we are left to die,
so I will no longer cry,
as my fist is raised to the sky
and my words scatter
like bullets in the night.

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