Reaching for the Stars: A Journey (Spoken Word)

By Sofia Campos,

Sofia is a UCLA graduate and active member with IDEAS and DREAM Team Los Angeles.

Rising on the shoulders of our ancestors at last with the keys to open doors once hidden in our past,
Broken down barriers, Loosened up chains– Not just one person, but families together reaching gains.

Cada alma que nos motivo a llegar a este punto sigue presente hoy pa’ celebrar en conjunto
Liberando nuestra mente pa’ liberar nuestra gente donde la justicia por fin estara presente.

Blessed with 2 parents who’re the definition of bold, I arrived in North America at 6 years old.
No real memories of Peru, but my heart’s filled with the love from my Abuelitas I said goodbye to.
In elementary school, our teachers told us to “Reach for the Stars!”
We got on our tippy toes and stretched to the sky with all our might
Cuz what we heard was “Reach for your dreams, You will always have that Right.”

1st grade fast forward to 12th grade,
Applying to college, learning about financial aid.
Social security number, Papeles…Where do I find that?
“No tenemos eso,” mi ma told me. So I became invisible, just like that.
“Illegal Alien,” my counselor said, And it spread all inside my head.

Enter IDEAS at UCLA where I found the way
To realign my stars even with my dreams behind bars.
Combine the knowledge with the experience to do away with the mysterious and evolve my fury into something serious.

Aunque el sistema te quiera detener, La verdad es que Saber SI es Poder.
Aprendi que YO NO SOY ILEGAL, ilegales son las leyes que me hacen criminal
Por que mis padres dejaron atras su mundo seguro, buscando para nosotros un mejor futuro.
Siempre les agradecere y por nuestros derechos peleare.
De ellos, aprendi a luchar. De ellos, aprendi amar. Y juntos vamos a ganar.

When my friends Tam and Cinthya died two years ago I learned there are those who may not see their dreams grow
Both undocumented and unafraid, Inspiration and hope is what they conveyed.
Leaving legacies for generations to come, they proved time is not a factor in showing who we can become.

Yo soy indocumentada. Sin papeles, sin visa, recien graduada.
Yo soy ser humano. Nacida sin candado, contigo como mi hermano

This journey through college has been a radical self-liberation; A transformatively radical 5 year migration.
Redefining the term “growing up” to mean A cultivation of Voice. Love. And the passion for our community found in between.
Freeing me to embrace my self, culture, and god given right to Dream, Fulfilling its purpose of rooting love in me.

We cannot afford to remain invisible, our existence is neither illegal nor criminal
We cannot afford to wait to change tomorrow so we celebrate today our role in awakening a necessary unity
We are brothers and sisters of love and today we are rising above.
Remember this in every path you choose, Let our vibrant culture and radical history be your muse.

Reaching our dreams is not as easy as standing on our toes
But no foes, blows, or woes can tell us we can’t or teach us who we are,
Only ourselves can free us from those borders in our minds and in our hearts.

As we celebrate the days, let us not forget we have great purpose and great power,
So a challenge for us: What kind of world do we choose to imagine?
Think about that, fill in the blank. Be your own think tank.

After all, we are family and nothing and no one can mess with our doings
Once we take command over our demand, and come together to take a stand.
Stand by me and I will stand by you Porque juntos, there is Nothing we Cannot do!

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