I AM (Poetry)

By E.B. Perez

I am
A student,
Driven by the hatred that blocks the dream I’m pursuin’
Thestruggle surpassed is what I’m proving,
The knowledge gained, the financial pain,
But still moving past,
The hard work invested in every class,
The years of education that keep me focused,
The potential that goes unnoticed,
Motivated to be the first,
From the family ties that are cursed,
The young responsibilities that made me mentally advanced,
In the words of Descartes,
I think therefore I am,


I am,
A daughter,
Raised by a single mother,
A survivor, a hard worker,
The traits of my hero, my inspiration,
We never had it all, but she gave me everything
She gave me the tools, so now I’m working,
To give it all back, to the most deserving,
I’m doing everything to make her proud,
Hoping to return the helping hand to the one that helped me out,
The one that brought me to this land,


I am,
An older sister,
Two sibling supporter,
The guidance for two young stubborn minds,
Both incorporated daily in my life,
I’m setting the path,
More confident personalities, cuz they have what I never had,
A blue nine digit card to their advantage,
Hoping they have a better future when they’re my age,
Behind their dreams I stand,


I am,
Most importantly a human being,
Doing what I can, until I stop breathin’
The past that keeps me driven,
The complicated life that I’m living,
My family, my goals,
The things that I only know,
The life lessons that helped me grow,
From the mistakes I make to the risks I take,
Me being me, I wont change,
I’m living focused on my goal to succeed,
One way or another I’ma make it big,
The racists can keep hating, I’ma keep making

The productivity necessary to survive,
Visionary phenominal female on the rise,
For all of this I stand,



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  1. Graciela says:

    Well said sister!

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