Submission Guidelines

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Submission Deadline Friday,  March 28, 2014 at 11:59 p.m.

Please submit.


We accept Genre Submissions

–   We accept works of poetry and prose (both fiction and non-fiction).

–   We accept works in different writing styles and formats, such as memoirs, interviews, creative non-fiction, stage plays, etc..

–   We accept works in English and Spanish.

–   Prose limits 5000 words.

–   Poetry limit is 10 pages.

–   We accept submission from DREAMers as well as other undocumented people.

–   We accept submissions from allies in the immigration reform movement. We would like to illustrate their experiences and paradigm on the array of immigration issues.

–   The submission topics are wide open as long as it pertains to the undocumented experience, not limited to DREAMers, but also including the experiences and perspectives of allies, activists, relatives, friends, etc..

– To those Dreamers who’ve applied for DACA and have already received  work permit and deportation reprieve: what are your reactions/thoughts upon receiving benefits? What has the process been like? Changes in your life: job, school, emotional state of mind, struggles with identity as a undocumented youth, etc…

All submissions should be sent via the website. All submission subject headers should read your name, title of the piece and genre, such as Jose Luis Gonzalez – “Living in the Shadows” (Fiction). Submit with attachment, but also place all submission text in the body of the contact form. Include your name and email to contact. Please specify if you feel comfortable with your actual name being published online via, if not, if you want to use a pseudonym or want to publish anonymously. We encourage real names to be used, but respect submitter’s privacy. If comfortable with real name being used in online publication, please include and a short bio (35 words maximum of schooling, work, activism, DREAM Act involvement, etc…). Note that we may attach art work from Julio Salgado to your piece and it is at our discretion.

Also, please help spread the word once your piece is published via distinct social networks so that we can continue to gather more readers and writers.

Thank you,

The Dream Writers Editors

–   Fernando Romero

–   Adrian Gonzalez

–   Kristine Chong



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(If you don’t hear from us 7 days after you submit your piece, please send us a short message without an attachment.)