On 9-11-01

While surfing through the internet today, I came across a very intriguing piece/video from Touré on MSNBC (“Touré Calls Our Media 9/11 Nostalgia, Leaves Dylan Ratigan Speechless”), in which he confronts the mainstream media for commercializing the 9-11 tragedy. Were all those newspaper articles, photographs, and television coverage on the 10th anniversary of the worst […]

The DREAM Act and the Spirit of Capitalism

*note: I came across this piece in my computer, originally written and published May 26th, 2010. I thought it was still entirely relevant, so here it is once more. I was reading an article detailing the experiences of some undocumented students after receiving their college degree (Undocumented Immigrants Struggle To Find Work After College), when […]

On Civil Disobedience

*Note: This entry contains thoughts and opinions that belong solely to the writer. It is not a reflection of Dreamers Adrift as a contingent.* Not too long ago, I received a phone call from a very prominent and well-known DREAMer who wanted to ask me a “strange question”. I decided to indulge the caller. First […]


“When I read hateful words towards the immigrant community, or any community, I can’t help but feel sad for my fellow human beings. I always wonder what life this person has led that would nurture in them such anger and resentment. It’s as if by merely existing, we’re robbing them of something; jobs, education, money […]

E.S.L. In Los Angeles

“Dealing with city life and the everyday hustle can be frustrating and can oftentimes dampen inspiration. But we gotta keep moving, must continue creating with love and hope. In my case, I rap it out… ’cause if I don’t, I might just snap. Peace to all my L.A. DREAMers.” -Jesus

She Reminds Me of a Ghetto Winnie

E.S.L. – She Reminds Me of (A Ghetto) Winnie by E.S.L.

An Appalling Charm (Non-fiction Memoir)

By Fernando Romero Fernando, graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 and studied Creative Writing and Journalism. He is a co-founding member of Dreamers Adrift and co-founding member of the AB 540 group FUEL @ CSULB. He is also the Coordinator for the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California, which is an […]

United We Manifest

Another lunchtime rap in the car, courtesy of Jesus. “This is a flow that I wrote on the way up to Sacramento not that long ago. I got into a crammed bus full of DREAMers, and we made a journey through the night to arrive at our state’s capitol to lobby for the California DREAM […]

To All My DREAMheads

Jesus spits a lunchtime rap, DREAM Act representin’!! Sorry about the sound quality towards the end! Recording a rap in the car while driving around is probably not a very good idea. ::.A verse for all my peoples, DREAMers and non-DREAMers, allies and haters. I’m thinkin’ a lot of people feel the way I do.There’s […]


May 27th, 2007. CSULB Chicano-Latino Graduation. c/o ’07. Jesus speaks in all his nervousness.