Low-Profile Illegal Alien Endorses Donald Trump

by Jesús Iñiguez The last several days have seen a flurry of high profile undocumented activists drawing lines in the sand as to which Democrat contender will be the one to get the DREAMer backing in the upcoming presidential election. Prominent DREAMers from both the Clinton and Sanders camps have sniped at each other via […]

Masochists Read The Comments And Laugh

Over the years, I’ve grown a thick skin when reading through articles about many progressive topics, mainly undocumented issues. I’ve come to understand that there are many folks out there whose hatred for others is so deeply-rooted, they’ve taken to trolling the comments sections of these articles and blog posts to release all those pent-up […]

We All Want To Be #Undeportable!!

(This article was originally written by Luis Moreno and posted to BuzzFeed. Since this morning, the posting was flagged and taken down, which is why it appears here now on DreamersAdrift.com.) by Luis Moreno So the Biebs got arrested by Florida police on Thursday morning for drunk driving and speeding in his Lamborghini. We know […]

On Apologies

Gaby Pacheco got me thinking about apologies. Her piece, published last Friday (“In God We Trust On Immigration Reform”) got the wheels in my brain turning over the last few days, and I found myself going through all five stages of grief and loss, a reaction that I honestly did not expect to undergo. It […]

Shut Down ICE (San Francisco, CA) 10/17/13

#Not1More filmed and edited by Jesús Iñiguez.

“We’re just human beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeings.”

An impromptu and impeccable performance by Julio, recorded at 3am after a session of shit talking over Ruben Navarrette’s pieces on DREAMers. The format of this piece was inspired by a Nicki Minaj video, entitled “Bossing Up”: Julio is a big fan of Nicki, and has a tendency of quickly adopting catch phrases (“I’m just […]

On Entitlement and the DREAM Movement

I told myself that I wouldn’t respond to Ruben Navarrette’s pieces when I read them. Why give this guy anymore bandwidth? In reading his pieces about DREAMers (which I’ll grudgingly link below) and a stack of other pieces he’s written in the past, it’s apparent to me that this guy is an opportunistic columnist masquerading […]

The Legalities of Being

written by Yosimar Reyes My grandmother has never used the word “undocumented” to describe her existence. In fact growing up she never taught me about limitations. Most of the folks on my block share this similar experience so there was no dialogue around our status in this country. We all knew where to get fake […]

E.S.L. – Dreams

I’ve been listenin’ to hella Panamanian records lately. This is an entire Hermanos Duncan production, straight from a record I found (with a clip of The Mozambiques at the end… fucking HEATER track). That groove. What? How can one NOT feel swayed by that sound? This song is kinda… a testament and a reminder of […]

The Overwhelming Burden of Consciousness

As dreamers, as activists, but mostly as human beings we have to be able to sit comfortably with the pain of the world. We have to overcome our own pain and overwhelm ourselves with the pain of the world, so much so that it becomes heavy. Heavy with meaning at the very least.