The Bad Jotos Club: Episode 2 (Privilege Unchecked) 3/3

After a long day of arguing and confrontation, Javier sits the housemates down for an honest open conversation to talk through the problems causing strife in the house. Felipe reveals something very private. One of the housemates decides that he has had enough of the drama.

On Entitlement and the DREAM Movement

I told myself that I wouldn’t respond to Ruben Navarrette’s pieces when I read them. Why give this guy anymore bandwidth? In reading his pieces about DREAMers (which I’ll grudgingly link below) and a stack of other pieces he’s written in the past, it’s apparent to me that this guy is an opportunistic columnist masquerading […]

Solutionless Complaints

“Later in the speech, Rubio tried to pluck at the audience’s heartstrings, as a way to demonstrate empathy and convince them that there are some in the Republican Party who want a solution: he recognized that the immigration system is broken and unsustainable, that people overstay their visas because they’re afraid to go back, that […]


Alabama to Arizona: Ain’t I A Human?

By William Anderson Interviewer: Would you agree that’s you’re on the lunatic fringe of the American Negro movement? Malcolm X: “Well I think this, America’s whole situation is a lunatic fringe, any time you have a country that refers to itself as the “free world” and a “democracy” and at the same time has 22 […]