President Obama: Administrative Relief Now

While President Obama continues to claim his support for the passage of the DREAM Act, over a million undocumented immigrants have been deported under his administration (more than any other president in the same amount of time), and countless DREAMers continue to be arrested and placed in deportation proceedings. What we want is simple: we […]

Scenes and Sounds From the 9-5-11Wilmington Labor Day Parade

On the last day of the Dream Summer, 102 DREAMers jumped on two buses and made their way down to Wilmington (California) to march in solidarity with Union workers and laborers all from throughout Southern California. Having been there, I must say that it was a beautiful thing to have marched with a hundred other […]

10 Years and Counting

“Three of us got invites to attend our 10 year high school reunion this year. And it got us thinking about what we would say to our fellow peers whom we graduated alongside so many years ago, many whom are well underway in nurturing careers and supporting their own families. How could they possibly understand […]


“When I read hateful words towards the immigrant community, or any community, I can’t help but feel sad for my fellow human beings. I always wonder what life this person has led that would nurture in them such anger and resentment. It’s as if by merely existing, we’re robbing them of something; jobs, education, money […]

Education Not Deportation! (A Quick Guide)

Our good friends at United We Dream ( have begun working on a new campaign to help DREAMers currently undergoing the deportation process. They have even partnered with AILA ( to provide pro-bono legal support!! If you’re undocumented and dealing with a deportation notice, please consider filling out an application here: All you other […]

E.S.L. In Los Angeles

“Dealing with city life and the everyday hustle can be frustrating and can oftentimes dampen inspiration. But we gotta keep moving, must continue creating with love and hope. In my case, I rap it out… ’cause if I don’t, I might just snap. Peace to all my L.A. DREAMers.” -Jesus

Dear Obama

A few words to you, Mr. President. Didn’t mean to come off so short and frustrated with ya. We know that you’ve got a lot on your plate. But try and see it our way. We want to see some action and movements coming directly from you. If you truly mean what you say, you’ll […]

Legalized Fernando!

During one of our video shoots, Fernando finds a very special and important life-altering envelope in his mailbox.

United We Manifest

Another lunchtime rap in the car, courtesy of Jesus. “This is a flow that I wrote on the way up to Sacramento not that long ago. I got into a crammed bus full of DREAMers, and we made a journey through the night to arrive at our state’s capitol to lobby for the California DREAM […]

The Science of DREAM (2,0)

Redone and re-touched for film festival. Special thank to for music.