Dear America (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez   Dear America, this is your Dreamer, the one who was your nightmare, the one you attempted to deny entry into your heart, into your Promised Land; remember when you attempted to cut my tongue for asking questions? when I dared to look into your eyes with anger, when I showed my […]

Arrested Development

Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog Back in 2004, near the beginning of the second season of the best show ever on television order depakote, order clomid. , there was a plot involving the hiring of a bounty hunter to seek out the escaped father of the main characters. The show is renowned for extremely clever and […]

Alabama to Arizona: Ain’t I A Human?

By William Anderson Interviewer: Would you agree that’s you’re on the lunatic fringe of the American Negro movement? Malcolm X: “Well I think this, America’s whole situation is a lunatic fringe, any time you have a country that refers to itself as the “free world” and a “democracy” and at the same time has 22 […]

Ignorant & Unafraid

Dreamers Adrift > Undocublog By Tina V When I was in elementary school my best friend lived across the street. Ashley was beautiful and blonde and had big, blue eyes. She wore perfect little outfits that showed off her skinny, tan legs and her mom lovingly braided her hair each day. Despite having a mom […]

Heroes and Villains

by Monse LaVie The year was 1998. The Green Bay Packers were facing the Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl showdown. I was in the fourth grade, finally feeling like I was fitting in with a group of girls at school. And then it fell apart. I walked out of school to a worried mother […]


By Karia Salazar At age 20, Karia Salazar became a California State University, Fullerton alumni where she obtained her degrees in Communications with a concentration is public relations andEthnic Studies with an emphasis in Chicana and Chicano Studies.  She has been involved in numerous politicalcampaigns, and informing publics of community resources. Salazar is passionateabout helping […]

Going Home

By Jesus Cortez   Home is where my feet rest and my soul trembles, the place my heart aches for; it is not a small village near the mountains inPuebla, that was hardly home… it is now these Anaheim streets, this concrete madness, this night time playing in alleys with the souls of my beloved… […]

Man Died In Administrative Limbo While In Immigration Detention (Op Ed)

By Fernando Romero Originally published on Huffington Post Latino Voices March 19, 2012 On the morning of Friday, February 24, I got out of bed with my usual swagger. I made a pot a coffee, a light breakfast and started getting ready for work. Still with lazy eyes, I started answering some e-mails when my […]

On Heartbreak, Transition, and Something That My Pops Told Me

The flight back to Los Angeles was heavy. I’d been sleep deprived for a few days, not being able to get more than a couple hours of sleep each night. Not that I wasn’t trying; I’d been desperately trying to get some rest. But my mind had been on overdrive, and shutting those thoughts down […]

The Scott Beason Blues: College & HB 56 in Birmingham, Alabama

 By William C. Anderson February 2012   A couple of weeks ago students began one of the most consolidated efforts to bring back a student movement that the state of Alabama has not seen in a long time. The sincerity of their actions and the hard work of these engaged students was a sight for sore eyes. […]