“Ride With Ya” [official music video]

written by (in order of appearance) Ju Hong, Krsna Avila, Jesús Iñiguez, and Beto Ortiz produced by GB (www.giftedandblessed.com) song recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jesús Iñiguez (December, 2012. Berkeley, CA) video captured and edited by Jesús Iñiguez (with support from Beto Ortiz) filmed in Berkeley, Oakland, and Treasure Island. California representing! Song was recorded […]

We All Want To Be #Undeportable!!

(This article was originally written by Luis Moreno and posted to BuzzFeed. Since this morning, the posting was flagged and taken down, which is why it appears here now on DreamersAdrift.com.) by Luis Moreno So the Biebs got arrested by Florida police on Thursday morning for drunk driving and speeding in his Lamborghini. We know […]

Jesus Huerta: A Child Killed in Durham Police Custody

By Lamont Lilly Lamont, is a contributing editor with the Triangle Free Press, Human Rights Delegate with Witness for Peace and organizer with Workers World Socialist Party. He resides in Durham, N.C. Follow on him Twitter @LamontLilly   Another Durham resident has now died in a controversial encounter with the Durham Police Department. This time […]

On Apologies

Gaby Pacheco got me thinking about apologies. Her piece, published last Friday (“In God We Trust On Immigration Reform”) got the wheels in my brain turning over the last few days, and I found myself going through all five stages of grief and loss, a reaction that I honestly did not expect to undergo. It […]

Documented (non-fiction)

By Michel Rangel Michel is 21 years old and resides in Fort Smith, Arkansas. She is a member of the Arkansas Coalition for DREAM, an organizer for Arkansas United Community Coalition. She is a International Relations major at University of Arkansas, Fort Smith.     The day I applied for DACA was nothing I could have really myself for. Physically […]

(Re)visiting memories of (im)migration (essay)

By Manoj Jayagoda   (Re)visiting memories of (im)migration: The Branded, the Punished, the Tolerated:(non-fiction/personal narrative/academic essay)         We were The Branded, the Lunatic Fringe, proud of our out- rageousness and our madness, our bizarre-colored inks and quill pens. We learned how to mock the straight set, and how to cul- tivate our […]

From DREAMER to U.S. Citizen

“No soy de aquí ni soy de allá …Neplanta is my home” From DREAMER to U.S. Citizen by Leslie V. Chaires Battle scars remain in my memory, our memory, my soul, our soul. No one piece of paper given by the U.S. government that grants me legality in this country will ever erase my past […]

Apathy is Not an Option: Election Night for Undocumented Americans (non-fiction essay)

By Edber Macedo Edber is third year UCLA student and a member of Dream Team Los Angeles.   On November 6, 2012 people across the world placed their attention to on the American people (or more accurately the Electoral College) to who they would choose as the person who would influence all corners of the […]

An Unruly Archive of Healing: (non-fiction essay)

An Unruly Archive of Healing: Struggling Against the Professionalization of Community Building, Immigration Enforcement, and Queer/Trans of Color Cultural Amnesia By Bo Luengsuraswat     We all have heard about it. We all have lived through it one way or another. Some of us talk about it, and some even wrote books about it. Yet […]

My “Crime” (poetry)

By Aurea Martinez Chile, India, Brazil, El Salvador and for me Mexico. My “crime” was to be born in another country, to not take my first breath of air in the land of the free and the home of the brave. For my first shrieks were not heard by the Statue of Liberty but by […]