The Fight to Save DACA Exposes the Sour Side of Complacency Within the Immigrant Rights Movement

By Nancy Meza, Zacil Pech, and Ilse Escobar – Immigrant Womxn of Color, writing in 100° weather last weekend. Laboring for the movement, once again. Things are getting real really quick. On September 5th, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was rescinded in another attack on our community — on top of deportations, police killings, […]

Help Us Fundraise for Season 4 of Osito!

Click HERE for our GoFundMe page. Dear art-supporting community, We are Julio Salgado and Jesús Iñiguez, co-funders of DreamersAdrift. We started DreamersAdrift nearly six years ago as a media platform for undocumented immigrants to tell our stories own stories in a creative and humanizing way that mainstream media was failing to do. In the past […]

Osito: Poppers (Ep. 15)

In this episode, Osito finds himself having to explain what “poppers” are to his roommate. Written by Julio Salgado. Captured and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Featuring music by Little Francisco Greaves “Moving-Grooving,” courtesy of Jesús record collection. Little Francisco: if you’re out there, reading this somehow, please let Pita Luja know that they killed it […]

An open Letter to our “Allies”: Stop Telling Us What We Can and Can’t Identify As

by Luis Nolasco and Yessica Gonzalez, two bitter illegalz  “No Human Being is illegal,” allies like to shout at the top of their lungs when we choose to reclaim our identities as “illegal”.   First and foremost, we are tired of being apologetic. We are reclaiming the use of the word similarly to the LGBTQ […]

Low-Profile Illegal Alien Endorses Donald Trump

by Jesús Iñiguez The last several days have seen a flurry of high profile undocumented activists drawing lines in the sand as to which Democrat contender will be the one to get the DREAMer backing in the upcoming presidential election. Prominent DREAMers from both the Clinton and Sanders camps have sniped at each other via […]

Osito: Druggin’ While White (Ep. 14)

Osito and Jesús discuss what it means to be brown and experimenting with drugs while out in public. Written by Julio Salgado. Captured by Yahaira Carrillo and Pablo Vivas. Edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Cameos by Travis Becker and Sarah Leadem.

Osito: Shit Gets Real (Ep. 13)

Osito recounts why he can’t “go” while out in public. Written by Julio Salgado. Co-written by Jesús Iñiguez and Pablo Vivas. Captured and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Cameos by Pablo Vivas and Erick Chavarría.

Undocumented & Awkward 2.0: Episode 1

Those awkward moments when you go to an expensive university and share things about yourself that others don’t understand. =X Filmed at Biocode 2015, UPenn.

Osito: Dat DACAmented Life (Ep. 11)

Julio and Jesús both receive their DACA and work permits at the same time and struggle to make sense of the complex feelings of what it means for them and their future. Written by Julio Salgado. Captured and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Cameo by Alex Aldana.


PSA from the U.S. Department of Puerkz and Paperz. Download the application: Written by Yessica Gonzalez and Julio Salgado. Directed and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Application language and design by Julio Salgado, Yessica Gonzalez, Paulina Overa, and Alex Aldana. Music by Gifted & Blessed.