Civil Disobedience: A two- (or three-) pronged approach

By Diego DuBois Diego DuBois is a white anarchist with distant ties to the DREAM movement. Prongs One and Two: “Our Version of Guerrilla Warfare” A comrade now agitating on the East Coast texted me this morning: “I’m feeling really hopeful by the amount of CD that’s happening across all sectors. The environmental groups, anti-bank, […]

Dreamer CDs and the Civil Rigths Movement (non-fiction essay)

By I. Cruz I. Cruz works with Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance. She is currently making contacts all over the state and South to increase awareness of the importance of immigrants’ rights, and hoping to form significant partnerships with immigrants and allies on the way. Living in Jackson, MS, which has a very small concentration of […]

My Two Cents on CDs (non-fiction essay)

By Erick Huerta Erick Huerta, aka El Random Hero, is a journalism student at East Los Angeles College,  DREAM Act activist with Dream Team Los Angeles. “There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in the movement.” It’s safe for me to say that folks don’t know what to make of me and my […]

I am Breaking Down (poetry)

By Anonymous Part I I am breaking down Trying to fight the thoughts that tell me I am the most worthless creature in this world. Feeling scared, feeling terrified. I’m in a room filled with people … beautiful, strong souls in the struggle for immigrant rights and social justice. Yet I am alone. Laughter in […]

El Sótano(poetry)

By Oday Guerrero Todavía me acuerdo del frío y la oscuridad que permanecía en el sotano porque ese fue mi primer hogar cuando me vine a los EEUU pero esta historia no se trata de ser víctima de crueldad infantil una niñita de cuatro años que andaba en el coche con su familia, me quedé […]

Education is Liberation (essay)

By Jacky please tell us; what’s the importance of, not only, giving access to higher education for undocumented students, but also providing financial assistance to those individuals? “It is absolutely essential that the oppressed participate in the revolutionary process with an increasingly critical awareness of their role as subjects of the transformation.” –Freire We are […]

What is the best thing about being undocumented? – (non-fiction prose)

By Barbara Elena Rodriguez Being undocumented teaches you how to appreciate the small things in life… The small things in life is appreciating the value of an ID that you don’t have and being grateful when security allows you inside a club, bar or even an R-rated movie after showing them a foreign passport. It […]

Struggles Part 1 + 2 – (poetry)

By Jacky Part 1:  I struggle as a woman. I am Mujer. Soy mujer, nacie del mar Con una bella concha Radiante y llena de lojura Creciendo entre bien y mal Tratando de escapar barreras de mi cultura y mi genero. Soy mujer, no un animal Trapada en una sombra Que no me deja continuar […]

illegal legal illegal legal – (spoken teatro piece)

Mariella Saba Flores bonitas, flores, para su abuelita, para que sonríe. Ándale para tu novia, para que la reconquistes. Tamales, tamales de pollo, de puerco, de chile de raja, champurrado para que acompañe su tamal. Bolis de vainilla, de limón, pal calor. Hot dogs, hot dogs, con todo. Fruta con sal, limón y chile, quiere […]

The Bubble

By Jonathan Bibriesca   Gray day, aromatic sensation of uncertainty, thin rectangular crystal box, shout after shout cracks the clear shield   Clash!!!!!   Hateful lyrics penetrate the sense of hearing, overwhelming number of index fingers.   Young student stands his ground silence becomes loud. Wind cease to blow, black and gold shirt speaks out. […]