Footprints that Led to my Undocumented Graduation

By Sofia Campos, Sofia is a UCLA graduate and active member with IDEAS and DREAM Team Los Angeles. I came to this country when I was six from Lima, Peru. During my senior year of high school my parents finally had to tell me our family was undocumented. Since then, I learned what it feels […]

Show Me YOUR Papers! (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez Jesus, is an active member of the Orange Country Dream Team and contributor to the Huffington Post Dream Activist series.   Show me YOUR papers that say you are more human than me, you see I am free to step where I please, I need no justification for my migration, if this […]

Reaching for the Stars: A Journey (Spoken Word)

By Sofia Campos, Sofia is a UCLA graduate and active member with IDEAS and DREAM Team Los Angeles. Rising on the shoulders of our ancestors at last with the keys to open doors once hidden in our past, Broken down barriers, Loosened up chains– Not just one person, but families together reaching gains. Cada alma […]

I Can Finally Breathe…(Non-fiction Memoir)

By Bo   Undoing the pain of upward mobility… Today I have come to the realization that maintaining a legal status was the most burdensome duty. It feels so free to not carry that weight anymore. All this time, the burden of having a legal status had dictated my life path—how my day was supposed […]

The Bordados Project (Non-Fiction Op Ed)

By Alejandra Vargas-Johnson   Alejandra,is a graduating senior at the  University of Souther California studying Sociology and Spanish. She is a DREAMer ally. She has traveled to Tucson Arizona area in March and volunteered with Border Justice activists there. She wrote this Op-Ed about her experience at the Border, and about the Deportation crisis in general.      Dear USC student, […]

I Love The Night (Poetry)

By Juan Carlos Segundo Juan Carlos Segundo is and Undocumented, Electrical engineering student at City College of San Francisco. He advocates for immigrant rights and student equity at CCSF through SAFE (Students Advocating for Equity) and SMAC (Students Making A Change).     I love the night. Not because it’s when I’m procrastinating doing crazy math calculations. Nah, I […]

Where is Immigration Justice (Non-fiction)

By Neelu Randhawa     When I was in the 9th grade, I dove in a swimming pool and one of my front teeth became damaged (I was taken to the local dentist’s office and of course, I was very apprehensive. After getting my teeth splinted, he asked me, “What do you want to become […]

Soy (Poetry)

By Marisol Valero   El cuero que viste mi alma. A veces el amanecer nublado. Alguna vez fui noche sin estrellas. Me visto de sentimientos La ropa solo cubre lo que tú no puedes aceptar. El infinito esplendor de mi coraje, madurez y niñez. de todo lo demás que nunca comprenderás. En las profundidades de […]

I AM (Poetry)

By E.B. Perez I am A student, Driven by the hatred that blocks the dream I’m pursuin’ Thestruggle surpassed is what I’m proving, The knowledge gained, the financial pain, But still moving past, The hard work invested in every class, The years of education that keep me focused, The potential that goes unnoticed, Motivated to […]

Estudiantes (Fiction)

By Jessica Belinda Rodriguez Jessica Belinda Rodriguez is a native of Los Angeles and holds a degree in Comparative Literature from UCLA. She currently lives in New York City.           Antolin, an eighth grader was one of my better students.  He actually wanted to learn. He did his best to pay attention to Ms. Mock’s […]