Follow Your Dreams (poetry)

By Anonymous Author’s Note:   This poem is dedicated to my best friend, who after living undocumented in this country for over 20 years, will return to her homeland.Her dream has always been to travel but she has been limited to do it because of her legal status. She will now pursue her dream, I […]

Love DREAMERS (graphic art piece)

By Vivi Vivi, a community college student and art enthusiast, plans to transfer to San Diego State University to pursue a double major in Graphic Design and Business. Vivi collaborates with community groups by advocating education through her creative defiance. She has a blog, that she uses to bring awareness about social justice issues. […]

No Existe el Silencio (poetry)

By Jonathan Bibriesca   Silencio, es tan grande el silencio. Gran inhale de oxigeno para poder contener la respiración por los más largos cinco minutos que el mundo nos ha dado. Silencio, es tan grande el silencio. Es inevitable escuchar a las cadenas arrastrarse hasta el máximo punto de extensión. Silencio, es tan grande el […]

Accomplishments Read Like a Grocery List

By Anonymous Ethnically Indian, I was born in Fiji and I came to the United States when I was three-years-old. Six months later, I became Undocumented. At the age of 23, I became Undocumented and Unafraid. Being raised in America, I caught them “American Dream” virus that was spread by teachers. In elementary school and […]

Civil Disobedience: A two- (or three-) pronged approach

By Diego DuBois Diego DuBois is a white anarchist with distant ties to the DREAM movement. Prongs One and Two: “Our Version of Guerrilla Warfare” A comrade now agitating on the East Coast texted me this morning: “I’m feeling really hopeful by the amount of CD that’s happening across all sectors. The environmental groups, anti-bank, […]

Dreamer CDs and the Civil Rigths Movement (non-fiction essay)

By I. Cruz I. Cruz works with Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance. She is currently making contacts all over the state and South to increase awareness of the importance of immigrants’ rights, and hoping to form significant partnerships with immigrants and allies on the way. Living in Jackson, MS, which has a very small concentration of […]

My Two Cents on CDs (non-fiction essay)

By Erick Huerta Erick Huerta, aka El Random Hero, is a journalism student at East Los Angeles College,  DREAM Act activist with Dream Team Los Angeles. “There are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies in the movement.” It’s safe for me to say that folks don’t know what to make of me and my […]

Lost Student

By Anonymous When I came to this land I didn’t know I was breaking a law. When I was a four year-old I got rejected from preschool because I had no ssn. When I was five I didn’t know mi mami y papi where rompiendose el lomo por mi y mi hermano. I soon started […]

Esperanza y luz (poetry)

By Sandy Flores Soy solamente una soñadora buscando una oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.En el camino he encontrado piedras; piedras grandes que amenazan mi sendero truncar Pero no me venceré, no perderé la ESPERANZA, moveré esas piedras y obtendré la oportunidad …la oportunidad para poder llegar a mi destino anhelado.Soy […]

Untitled (poetry)

By Erick Huerta Erick Huerta Born on a Monday, Became undocumented on Tuesday, Graduated from high school and enrolled in college on Wednesday, Matured into an activist on Thursday, Got his papers on Friday, Got married on Saturday, Passed away happy on Sunday. Erick Huerta, aka El Random Hero, is a journalism student at East […]