The Garden (poetry)

By Jesus Cortez   I love winter mornings, as the chill of dawn crawls through my bones and my fingertips fear the inevitable reality of hard labor…   The garden awaits, not mine, but someone else’s someone who can afford lovely flowers that lie on top of frosty grass waiting for my tired feet…   I […]

Republicrats and Immigration Blues (poetry)

By I. Cruz I. Cruz works with Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance. She is currently making contacts all over the state and South to increase awareness of the importance of immigrants’ rights, and hoping to form significant partnerships with immigrants and allies on the way.   The Democratic Party makes my blood pressure rise, With their […]

Love Letter (poetry)

By Zessna Garcia   Dear Homeland, I dreamed of you last night. You looked stunning with your lush oceans, tall mountains and endless deserts. I smelled your wet brown dirt and I felt your warmth. I saw your children greeting me with open arms and smiling faces. One day I will return to you. I […]

Becoming Aware (creative writing, non-fiction)

By Ana Mendizabal Ana Mendizabal, is  originally from and living in Cancun, Mexico. She is a High School Graduate and a Friend of Dreamers Immigration.           A word with a simple definition, yet it affects millions of people around the globe who are looking for a chance to start a new life or raise money to […]

Pocketful of Green (poetry)

By D.S.D. Cornejo   This is not a story of a victim of circumstance. This is the story of a little girl who loved the color green. Her homeland was pearly shell of sea and gray Salty and thick, black ribbons of roads Snow white sun. Green was the stuff of dreams, of crayons Of […]

DREAMS (poetry)

By Sagar Patagundi We come to the same land with a dream, Different ethnicity, different dreams, One motive. To make this world a better place to live, to give back what the world has given you. But along the struggle your dreams have been shot down. Families have been torn apart. Hopes have been lost, […]

Mine (poetry)

By D.S.D. Cornejo   You’re mine All mine Who can ever say You’re not. This soil Seeping between my clenching fingers The pulp of life and dreams Is mine. The fact that My mother’s birthing blood Never did soil your land Does not change that. A gag of invisibility The wispiness of dreams I can […]

Mi amigo el indocumentado (poetry)

By Alex Ortiz   Mi amigo el indocumentado tres fronteras ha cruzado buscando un sueno solo ha sido abusado. Pero no se da por vencido vino para luchar aquí a los Estados Unidos. Ha formado una familia Su esposa María, Y su hija Cecilia. Otro día ya ha pasado para mi amigo el indocumentado Otro […]

Standing Against Unjust Deportations (non-fiction narrative)

By Adrian   You, will no longer deport any more of my family members, nor will you see the pain and devastation we felt when you, forcefully, separated my family I’m here to tell you that I am taking a stand against your laws that dehumanizes not only the immigrant communities, but also the narrow […]

Stay True (short narrative)

By Jacky   Jacky, a recent graduate from UC Irvine with B.A. in Psychology & Social Behavior. Currently working at Latino Health Access, a non-profit for healthy communities in Orange County facing issues like diabetes and obesity.   Imagínate si me quedo allá? A friend of mine said those words.  Unlike me, he had the […]