Dear America (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez   Dear America, this is your Dreamer, the one who was your nightmare, the one you attempted to deny entry into your heart, into your Promised Land; remember when you attempted to cut my tongue for asking questions? when I dared to look into your eyes with anger, when I showed my […]

My Personal Statement (Non-fiction)

By Christopher Marquez I first realized my interest to attend college when I was in high school. Most of my peers were really excited to attend the college of their choice. During that  time, I didn’t know what the benefits of attending college were, but now I am fully aware.  Unknowingly, I knew that I had […]

Hombre inaudito (Poetry)

By Marisol Valero   Acompañada entre espadas y cuchillos Mis caderas balancean tu mirada En mis ojos encuentras tu reflejo Es que de mis entrañas te formaste De mis pechos te alimentaste Y de mi boca aprendiste tu lengua Ahora tu indiferencia me acosa El filo de tu ignorancia me lastima Tu necedad porque sea […]

Walk Against Fear (Poetry)

By Irving Valenzuela Irving. is an undocumented student from Mississippi. He is currently taking part in a march in Mississippi to highlight and raise awareness on the plight of undocumented people in that state. The march is also meant commemorate the Walk Against Fear, that civil rights leader James Meredith conducted in the 1960s.   This is a […]

Heroes and Villains

by Monse LaVie The year was 1998. The Green Bay Packers were facing the Denver Broncos in a Super Bowl showdown. I was in the fourth grade, finally feeling like I was fitting in with a group of girls at school. And then it fell apart. I walked out of school to a worried mother […]


By Karia Salazar At age 20, Karia Salazar became a California State University, Fullerton alumni where she obtained her degrees in Communications with a concentration is public relations andEthnic Studies with an emphasis in Chicana and Chicano Studies.  She has been involved in numerous politicalcampaigns, and informing publics of community resources. Salazar is passionateabout helping […]

Undocu Queer Reaction to Az. Sheriff Paul Babeu

By Anonymous   Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu reminds us how important it is to advocate for queer rights. Sheriff Babeu is a well-known ultraconservative who gained popularity because of his anti-immigrant stance. He was forced out of the closet as a queer when his involvement with a male immigrant went public. I am sure the […]

Mi Amor

By Jeresia L. Norris   Mi Amor, my love –that’s what I call him.  It’s what I have always called him.  That has been his name in my phone for five years now.  I first met my husband five years ago at the end of a bad divorce.  The first night I met him I […]

War Within Myself (poetry)

By Anonymous My heart Spins taking Destruction at exclusive Mass have souls trip The weapons like direct Resistance feel more Capable brilliant without Age limit dreams flash One unpredictable truth that Triggers my courage discovering My self-esteem

What happens to a dream deferred? (non-fiction essay)

By I. Cruz I. Cruz works with Mississippi Immigrants’ Rights Alliance. She is currently making contacts all over the state and South to increase awareness of the importance of immigrants’ rights, and hoping to form significant partnerships with immigrants and allies on the way. I, Cruz is busy because there are 6 anti-immigrant laws here and […]