Show Me YOUR Papers! (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez Jesus, is an active member of the Orange Country Dream Team and contributor to the Huffington Post Dream Activist series.   Show me YOUR papers that say you are more human than me, you see I am free to step where I please, I need no justification for my migration, if this […]

Marching Into the Light (music video)

By Andres Useche Andres is Colombian-born singer, songwriter, director and graphic artist. He has been very active and volunteered with the Dream Act organizations in the Southwest.   Like so many living in the United States I’ve benefited immensely from the hard work of many undocumented immigrants who came seeking a better life for their children, and […]

Reaching for the Stars: A Journey (Spoken Word)

By Sofia Campos, Sofia is a UCLA graduate and active member with IDEAS and DREAM Team Los Angeles. Rising on the shoulders of our ancestors at last with the keys to open doors once hidden in our past, Broken down barriers, Loosened up chains– Not just one person, but families together reaching gains. Cada alma […]

One Day the Children Will Set Themselves on Fire (Fiction)

By Fernando Romero Fernando, graduated from Cal State Long Beach in 2009 and studied Creative Writing and Journalism. He is a co-founding member of Dreamers Adrift and co-founding member of the AB 540 group FUEL @ CSULB. He is also the Coordinator for the Justice for Immigrants Coalition of Inland Southern California, which is an […]

Domestic Worker’s Daughter, Janitors’ Son

By William C. Anderson and Diana C.S. Becerra “There is no such thing as a single issue struggle because we do not live single issue lives.” –Audre Lorde William C. Anderson is a community organizer in Birmingham, Alabama. He grew up working for a family owned small janitorial service. He still works part time for […]

The Undocumented Diaries; a Day in the Life of Dreamers (non-fiction memoir/essay)

LIMBO from Eliot Rausch + Phos Pictures on Vimeo. By Erick Huerta Erick Huerta, aka El Random Hero, is a journalism student at East Los Angeles College,  community and DREAM Act activist with Dream Team Los Angeles. When I first met with Director Eliot Rausch and producerMark Schwartz about collaborating on a video project about dreamers, I […]

Saturday (Non-fiction)

By Ruby Campos   i’m sitting -watching- it’s raining, or it was the room has gotten brighter but my mind has lost it’s color she said, “dream, dream, FAFSA, dream, dream, March 2” can i say i haven’t? i’m surrounded by peers-they don’t know i see their faces splattered with boredom filled with nothing tired-bored […]

DREAMin in Zion (Non-fiction)

By August Hi. My name is August and I’m a DREAMer in Salt Lake City, Utah or I like to call it—Zion. Like many of the undocumented youth in this country, I am facing deportation. I have been fighting deportation for 2 years now and my presence in the US remains uncertain. Last summer I […]

I Feel Like…(Poetry)

By Elioth Gomez Elioth Gomez, has been accepted to CSU San francisco, San Jose, UC Davis and UC Santa Barbara, waiting for UC LA and Berkeley. He has worked hard but he might not be able attend the school he want to. Every day tries to stay optimistic but I can not continue The reality is that Elioth will be unable to […]

Look at us…(Spoken Word)

By Cindy Lora Cindy Lora is currently a college student working on her Associate of Arts degree in English. She is a Steering Representative for the California Dream Network, and fully enjoys being involved with my community.   Alien Dreamer Illegal Undocumented Inferior Equal There are those who have said, “Look at them. They are the invisible children of […]