Border Park/Friendship Park (poetry)

By Liz Arizona   Validity purchased for $5 to see the water, the birds, the sky; Mentions of border walls, of fences, of surveillance cameras on beaches not mentioned. Since 1864, it reads. as if that is the day that history began; as if the waves that beat against the sand on shore know the […]

The Bravest Dream of All (non-fiction)

By Berenice Villegas Berenice, is a Dreamer and immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13. She graduated from Columbia University in 2011 with a degree in Environmental Biology. She was a member of the NYSYLC until 2011.     I had decided to leave the U.S. after I got accepted with a scholarship into a Master’s program in […]

From Here Y De Alla

By Jesus Cortez Jesus, is an active member of the Orange Country Dream Team and contributor to the Huffington Post Dream Activist series.   I miss my Mother’s land; I never knew it, but I feel the soil where she walked her first steps under my feet; I feel those mountains, those leaves caressing my […]

This I Believe (essay on SB 1070)

By Eric Hernadez Arizona’s SB 1070 states that police officers can question any person, who looks “suspicious”, as stated by Arizona officials, of their immigration status, take them into custody and deport them. It also prohibits people of “undocumented status” from being able to apply for work. This law does not affect me directly, but the […]

A Campaign I Can Never Win

By Fabiola Inzunza Fabiola, is an active member of Dream Team Los Angeles. Their death marked the first time in my life that I sought someone else’s arms for consolation. There was no campaign in the world that could bring them back and for that, I felt vulnerable. The strength I had built up inside […]

What Animals Can Teach Us About Immigration (Essay)

By I. Cruz I. Cruz is an immigrants rights activist and community organizer in Mississippi.  She also draws things and writes.   When butterflies move from Canada to Mexico or vice versa, there are sanctuaries waiting for them in both countries. Those lucky enough to experience this view claim that the migration of monarchs is […]

Not the Perfect Dreamer, but That’s Okay (non-fiction essay)

By Nancy Meza Nancy, is human being born in Jalisco, Mexico raised in East Los Angeles. She attended East Los Angeles community college then transferred to UCLA where she graduated with a degree in Chicana/o studies and Labor and Workplace Studies minor. She is currently a member of Dream Team Los Angeles   This weekend, […]

Can I Speak? (Poetry)

By Bryan Leonardo Fiallos My name is Bryan and I am a senior attending Humboldt State University, majoring in Critical Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. The problem of immigration has only but recently come to my attention and how the media makes our people look criminal when they want to but make us look good at […]

I Will Never Understand (Poetry)

By Jorge Orozco Jorge, is a student at Los Angeles Mission College. He is majoring in Mathematics in hopes of becoming a math teacher,with the intention of helping our community become more fluent on that subject. And I can’t understand Why they call me an alien, If I don’t come from outer space. And I don’t fit […]

Show Me YOUR Papers! (Poetry)

By Jesus Cortez Jesus, is an active member of the Orange Country Dream Team and contributor to the Huffington Post Dream Activist series.   Show me YOUR papers that say you are more human than me, you see I am free to step where I please, I need no justification for my migration, if this […]