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50 Miles to Santa Ana

Sunday, February 20th, 2011. A 50 mile urban odyssey from the streets of Los Angeles, down the San Gabriel River Trail, onto the streets of Westminster, and finally into Santa Ana. 80+ DREAMers pedaled forth in solidarity and in demonstration for the CA State and Federal DREAM Act. My sincerest apologies for the Blair Witch […]

On Relationships, Marriage Proposals, and Being Undocumented

Inspired by DTLA’s “Undocumented Love” panel (from Dec. 16th, 2010), Dreamers Adrift discuss some experiences and challenges they face being in relationships with American citizens and undocumented significant others.

Dear Senators: DREAM Act 2011

So 2010 didn’t end with a collective DREAM coming true. But the movement breathes! Each year, we come closer and closer to realizing our goal. Last year, a fistful of senators stood between us and the finish line. But they don’t understand that this isn’t a game. We’re determined. The DREAM Act is coming. All […]


DREAMers don’t just dream, they manifest. In spite of whatever obstacles we face, we manage to wake up every morning, ready to face our realities head-on, walking on a tight rope between REM cycles of reality and nightmare. It’s a balancing act of grace, wits, guts, fears, and dreams. But we’re ready.

Make Those Calls In Support of The DREAM Act

Shout out to all the DREAMers and allies across the nation, waking up in the wee hours of the morning to make some phone calls, spending evenings in call centers, putting forth an amazing effort to realize this DREAM of ours. Keep making those phone calls! Hasta la victoria!

The Science of DREAM

A dance between undocumented youth and the federal DREAM Act that’s lasted for the past 10 years. It’s been a long decade. Please call your senators and press for a vote in favor of the DREAM Act this lame duck season. Us DREAMers are counting on you.


May 27th, 2007. CSULB Chicano-Latino Graduation. c/o ’07. Jesus speaks in all his nervousness.

Julio’s DREAM Act Drawing Frenzy

*note: We know that a lot of college graduates nowadays experience months of uncertainty post-graduation as they continue to search and work their way towards prospective career choices. But our point in this video is that these are our ONLY prospects for the present and future. That is, until the DREAM Act passes.

Dia de los Sueños

November 2, 2010: For many folks, it’s Día de los Muertos, but for us DREAMers, with elections happening, it’s become a day filled with hope and faith. If you’re registered to vote, go out there and make your vote count. Us undocumented folks are counting on you.