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Undocumented and Awkward: Enlisted Man

Written by Luis Serrano, featuring Isaac Barrera and Jose Sanchez. Problem Addicts. They are all around us. As young fellas growing up in inner city working class communities, a figure that always dotted our horizon as a possible prospect to escape our situation was that of the military recruiter bearing false promises. They would approach […]

UndocuBreakUp Lines

Sometimes, try as you may, things don’t work out. (Featured by ColorLines here: “This Valentine’s Day, Dump Your Boo the Undocumented Way“)

“We’re just human beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeings.”

An impromptu and impeccable performance by Julio, recorded at 3am after a session of shit talking over Ruben Navarrette’s pieces on DREAMers. The format of this piece was inspired by a Nicki Minaj video, entitled “Bossing Up”: Julio is a big fan of Nicki, and has a tendency of quickly adopting catch phrases (“I’m just […]

The Legalities of Being

written by Yosimar Reyes My grandmother has never used the word “undocumented” to describe her existence. In fact growing up she never taught me about limitations. Most of the folks on my block share this similar experience so there was no dialogue around our status in this country. We all knew where to get fake […]

E.S.L. – Dreams

I’ve been listenin’ to hella Panamanian records lately. This is an entire Hermanos Duncan production, straight from a record I found (with a clip of The Mozambiques at the end… fucking HEATER track). That groove. What? How can one NOT feel swayed by that sound? This song is kinda… a testament and a reminder of […]

“I Wanna Be A Citizen” (music video)

This was a fun video shoot. First and foremost, Krsna and Beto got raps. Raps for days. And Ju? WOO!! Who fucking knew? Second: I’ve never heard the original song. Guess I’m pretty out of touch with what’s happening out in the music world. When I first heard this parody joint, I thought it was […]

UndocuCribs: Episode 2

Dreamers Adrift pays a visit to an Undocupation in Culver City, California, staged by a few NIYA members. As they tour us through their occupation setup, hilarity ensues. But the idea and the reasoning behind their sit-in is a far graver and urgent one. A few hours after this footage was filmed and edited, news […]