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Thanks for the Four Years!! is finally four years old!! We’re thankful for all of our followers, co-conspirators, and the long roster of cameos who have helped shape the content and quality of our work. Thank you, from the bottom of the hearts.

Osito: Gettin’ Paid, Not Played (Ep. 9)

In this episode, Julio tries (and fails) at negotiating with yet another organization who wants him to create imagery for them for free. Jesús then assumes the position of Julio’s new manager. Written by Julio Salgado. Directed, captured, and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Music: “Peace and Love” by The Soul Fantastics

Osito: Liftin’ Off (Ep. 8)

The inner dialogues of Jesús and Julio. Yes. We are for the complete legalization and recreational use of marijuana. Written by Julio Salgado Directed, captured, and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Music: “Lifting Off” by Reflection Eternal.

OSITO: Finances For The Future (Ep. 7)

Julio and Jesús discuss how to best put away money for themselves and for their parents in preparation of big responsibilities forthcoming. Written by Julio Salgado. Directed, captured, and edited by Jesús Iñiguez. Featured music: “Hip Hopcrisy” by Pete Rock and “Get Dis Money” by Slum Village (instrumental).

Osito: Canine Fatherhood? (Ep. 6)

In this episode, Julio and Jesús discuss fatherhood, the perils of having to be responsible for another living being (be it a kid or a pet), irresponsibility, fickleness, and the innate feeling many of us carry and confront of bringing meaning into our lives by investing ourselves in the next generation. Written by Julio Salgado. […]

Osito: ProblemAddict (Ep. 5)

“Osito” is a weekly web series that follows the life of Julio, a 30 year-old freelance artist living in the Bay area. Julio lives with Jesús, a 30 year-old social media type who dabbles in writing and making music. Part real life, part fiction, and a lot of bullshit, this series aims to make fun […]


Pueblote billboard on 24th and Bryant in the Mission district in San Francisco, CA. Thanks to Galeria de La Raza (, the PODER youth (, and CultureStrike artists ( Julio Salgado ( and Susa Cortez. Poem by Jesús Iñiguez. Music by GB ( ==== “Oftentimes, I feel like these words I speak no longer belong […]

“Hum-Undocumented” by Soultree

Presenting: “Secrets & Borders: Our Stories Are All We Have” This is a collaboration between and four amazing story-tellers. This month, #PrideMonth, we will be releasing a weekly video from these amazing queer and undocumented artists who have a story to tell. These are only four stories. What is yours? Written by Soultree. Artwork […]