Racist Arizona White Girl Video; A Reflection of U.S Anti Immigrant Sentiment and Rhetoric

By Nancy Meza

Nancy Meza is human being born in Jalisco, Mexico raised in East Los Angeles. She attended East Los Angeles community college then transferred to UCLA where she graduated with a degree in Chicana/o studies and Labor and Workplace Studies minor. She is currently a member of Dream Team Los Angeles.


A video has been circulating the Internet this past month titled “Racist White Girls from Arizona Go Off About Mexicans” this video shows two white women speaking their minds on the hate they have for Mexicans and Immigrants. After watching their video it seems that to these two women Mexican and Immigrants are synonymous, which is a common misconception and view felt across the U.S. The comments made by these women are extremely harsh and at the same time extremely real and a result of the Anti Immigrant sentiment and rhetoric that has take over the airwaves in a quest to dehumanize and criminalize the immigrant community in the U.S.

The comments made by these two women do not stand-alone and do not stand in isolation. As an undocumented immigrant myself, I hear comments like the ones made by these women all the time, that being said, I was still shocked by their level of hate. Nevertheless the sentiments stated by these women have also come out of the mouths of politicians looking to be elected, mainstream media as they claim to be “ subjective”, the tea party, Republicans, Democrats and uninformed and frustrated U.S citizens to name a few.

I feel that some of the many reasons these women feel so much hate towards Mexicans and Immigrants has a lot to do with miseducation, ignorance, and racism. The ban on ethnic studies and the censorship of books that is currently taking place in Arizona only condones this type racism and ignorance. If anything this video alone demonstrates the need for ethnic studies in Arizona and across the Nation.

This video exposed the racism that is still embedded in the U.S. but also exposed the support the immigrant community has been able to build. What I have loved seeing as a result of this video is the vast response and push back by people all across the board who are outraged and disgusted by the comments made by these two women. For me it was a sign of relief to see so many video responses on YouTube, most unfiltered and unscripted; people generally responding to their thoughts and feelings in a very honest way. The women who created this racist video eventually felt the pressure of many on the Internet and issued an apology. I myself am not sure how sincere that apology was, but what it reflects is the power we have as media producers. We can use the same pressure that was used against these women to pressure media sources, decision makers, and uninformed and frustrated U.S citizens into having a humanized view of immigrants and treat us with the respect and dignity we deserve. We have the power to be both media consumers and media producers.


One Response to “Racist Arizona White Girl Video; A Reflection of U.S Anti Immigrant Sentiment and Rhetoric”
  1. Chrisian says:

    I completely 100% agree with you Nancy we have put pressure on the media, politician, and the community to educate them because we all need to treat each others with respect and dignity.

    P.S. I love this website and I love the Youtube videos