Money Can’t Buy Health Essay Sample

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Health is Wealth. If not all of us, most of us already know this very used line or advice. Yet, some people tend to forget or take this seriously as a fact. If you are in your early 20’s or even yet teenage years, you might actually not have been thinking about this at all. Most probably you have been eating the same junk, sweets, and sodas all over again without even thinking what it may cause your health now, or in the long run.

Some, when reaching their early 20’s or 30’s tend to be overly focused and drawn to work. Spending additional hours at the office more than the usual 8 or 9-hour work becomes a usual and daily habit. This then leads to less time for other activities such as sports and socialization. Healthy eating has also become optional as time is always rush for most working professionals.

This can also explain the reason for food modernization. In some countries, you can see most of the people, especially those in their workforce community, eat on the road, sipping their noodles in a Styrofoam cup, drinking coffee while walking or eating hotdogs while reaching out for a cab.

And since these people are on their hey-day years, they still have the time and energy to go dance on Friday nights or travel during the weekends instead of taking their rest. This is not until these people reach 40 to 50 and some signals from their body send their brain that they finally need to take care of and focus on health.

When a person comes to this age, about 50 and above, health is becoming a priority. A person now starts to spend on medicines for some maintenance especially if sickness occurs due to old age.

This is the time money comes in to help in maintaining lifestyle and health. But sometimes having money is not enough. The advancement and technology of Science are still not enough to treat all sickness that a person can have especially during the old age.

Some people think that the richest people have the capacity to lengthen their lives thru the power of money and the advancement of technology. But the truth is – money can’t buy health.

Why? Number 1: One cannot defy nature of life which is – Ageing. We often see rich and famous people spent thousands of money in all efforts to save their beauty and retain their energy or wellness. But can we say that an 80-year-old woman who looks like 40 because of all the procedures she had done to herself has the same health as the 40 years old one?

Number 2: Science is not all perfect. While money can provide you with all the health insurance and health saving tools, having the greatest doctor doesn’t guarantee you the natural health you want to achieve if you are already in your old age. With thousands of sickness and diseases that are here on Earth, one cannot assure that all of it has the right and proper cure.

Number 3: Money can’t buy discipline. While one may be able to prevent sickness by taking the most expensive vitamins and go the most expensive physicians, the person who has the main responsibility and ability to take care of his health is that person himself.

Having money is good and it’s always an advantage for any person to have enough resources to match his lifestyle. However, keep in mind that money is just a tool, not the direct answer to everything.


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