Immigrant Face (Spoken Word)

By Zessna Garcia


I am the face of an immigrant

Dark eyes

Tan skin

Black hair

Not the ideal beauty but beautiful none the less

You court me and flirt with me

You acknowledge my wit and my charm

I counteract and intimidate you with my strong independent stride…

Latin beauty, Latin charm

If only you knew how much you truly dislike me

Yes, I am pretty

Yes, I am smart

I am also what you despise the most…

I am a border hopper

…a wetback

…a job stealer

…a drug dealer

…a welfare taker

…an anchor baby maker

I am the face of an immigrant

Suddenly I’m not all that beautiful in your eyes


One Response to “Immigrant Face (Spoken Word)”
  1. graciela says:

    Great piece!
    It speaks of what we as undocumented women have to face
    I like the words, great piece!