I Will Never Understand (Poetry)

By Jorge Orozco

Jorge, is a student at Los Angeles Mission College. He is majoring in Mathematics in hopes of becoming a math teacher,with the intention of helping our community become more fluent on that subject.

And I can’t understand
Why they call me an alien,
If I don’t come from outer space.
And I don’t fit
The description of a “little green man”
I never traveled on a flying saucer,
But people always talk about me,
Like I am some kind of monster
Saying” We need to contain the Invasion, They are trying to take over!”
However I never planned to invade,
All I want to do is study,
All I want is to be able to provide for my family,
All I want to help and someone in this society,
All I want is to have an opportunity,
And that’s the DREAM.

I can’t understand
Why they call me “illegal”
Was I not made the same as other people?
Was I a product of piracy?
Did I do wrong by staying in school?
Pursuing a career in education to teach about how
Great the United States is?

I will never understand
Why they call me “Illegal Alien”
But their words and actions,
Won’t discourage me,
They can take my job,
They can take my house,
And all the material things that come with life,
But one thing they will never take,
Are My dreams

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