Follow Your Dreams (poetry)

By Anonymous

Author’s Note:
This poem is dedicated to my best friend, who after living undocumented in this country for over 20 years, will return to her homeland.Her dream has always been to travel but she has been limited to do it because of her legal status. She will now pursue her dream, I am confident she will achieve great things in life. I wrote this poem as a way to express my support for her courageous decision knowing how hard it will be for her to leave everything behind to follow her dreams. Often times, DREAM eligible youth and adults find themselves in this situation and it must be extremely difficult to take the decision to leave the U.S and start over again in their homeland. This is a constant battle that Dream eligible adults, especially those reaching the Dream age gap, face on a daily basis.

(Inspired by an eagle)


Follow your dreams

Even if it hurts losing someone you love

Follow your dreams

Even if that means leaving everything behind

Follow your dreams

Even if you have to start over again

Follow your dreams

For you to grow

Follow your dreams

Fly away…



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  1. graciela says:

    Your friend is very blessed to have such an amazing friend like yourself.
    I hope and know that your friend will revive her dreams and will conquer them – even if she is in another country.

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