Dream on Hold (essay)

By Mayra Zuniga

I came into this country when I was only a three month old infant in the year 1992; I was raised in America from preschool to currently community college.  I am now nineteen years old, and I am a DREAMer. As a DREAMer I feel like there’s always that one person in your family always thinking you’re going to fail, because we really have no one to help us out. That one person is my uncle, thinking because I am a DREAMer all the extra school work is all a waste of time and money since I am not legal in this country I cannot get a job for my degree in college. My uncle thinking negative is a real motivation for me; I want to prove him wrong. That’s why the California Dream Act is real important for me. Pursuing a higher education in the long run is going to give you a bright future. It’s really important for us DREAMers to get financial assistance, because we come from families with low paying jobs, from working in the fields, to cleaning houses, to be doing the most disturbing job at a low cost. Mostly our families do not come with a wealthy background to help their child support their dreams. So it’s very important to get a little financial assistance from anywhere we can. My personal dream was to go to my dream school Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) of Los Angeles California to become a fashion designer. This is still my dream, and I am not giving up, but since I cannot afford my dream school, I’m stuck at a community college and barely getting by financially. Since of my status I cannot receive the FAFSA, so I’m always looking for different scholarships, I will never give up on my dream I’m just putting it on hold until my dream comes true.

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