Border Park/Friendship Park (poetry)

By Liz Arizona


purchased for $5
to see the water, the birds, the sky;

Mentions of border walls,
of fences,
of surveillance cameras on beaches
not mentioned.

Since 1864, it reads.
as if that is the day that history began;
as if the waves that beat against the sand on shore
know the meaning of ‘illegal’, of ‘documentation’, of ‘nation’.

I watch the ants go back and forth,
crossing la frontera. Alien beings/ Transnational species.
I wonder if their colonies are watched closely, through radar technology.

Their great grand parents lived in a time when
people here were not imprisoned.

I wonder if the butterflies cry for us
as they soar between.

Our visiting hours are only 10am-1pm (still a privilege to come).
Families huddle towards those enfenced.

nature is fighting this wall,
through wind and water,
rusting the bolts keeping it together.
The weeds, tearing the soil at the seam.

Beauty grows along the border,
as water, sun, and breath flow freely between.

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