About Us

DreamersAdrift is a media platform led by undocumented creatives with the goal of taking back the undocumented narrative through videos, art, music, spoken word and poetry. DreamersAdrift was established in October 2010 by four undocumented college graduates: Deisy Hernandez, Fernando Romero, Jesús Iñiguez, and Julio Salgado.

The original mission of this contingent was to bring to attention to the DREAM Act, a bipartisan bill that would have given undocumented youth an opportunity to become legal residents, and to document the undocumented. Since then, the project has evolved and expanded, delving into a variety of different conversations happening within American politics, but via the immigrant lens. 

As of August 2016, DreamersAdrift has produced over 90 videos, including two original series: Undocumented & Awkward and Osito.

Jesús and Julio, two of the original co-founders of DreamersAdrift, continue to run the collective from their Berkeley, CA apartment.

Jesús films, edits, and produces all of the videos for this project. Julio currently works as a project manager for CultureStrike and travels all over the country doing lectures and workshops about his visual art.